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June 24th 2013 / 2 minutes to read

Lancome Gloss in Love – Blink Pink and Just Strass





Blink Pink


Just Strass

The Colors

  • 200 Just Strass – Clear Shimmer Top Coat with Irredescent Glitter
  • 312 Blink Pink – Medium Pastel with Golden Shimmer

Lancome describes these glosses as:

The first Lancome Gloss that truly loves your lips: unprecedented shine wraps lips with color and addictive comfort. Available in 12 fresh new shades, this gloss combines color with 6 hours of moisture in an easy click-to-open package. The NEW Expert Applicator hugs lips, resulting in a smooth and line-free vinyl lip look.

First off, I LOVE the packaging. Instead of a typical screw on applicator, you simply push the little button and it “clicks”, releasing the applicator. LOVE IT. Wish all my glosses had this packaging!

I got about 3 hours out of Blink Pink before I needed to reapply. The applicator is a bit like a doe foot but much more curved. I didn’t really notice any sort of “vinyl” look, it’s pretty much just a standard gloss for me no more or no less moisturizing than most glosses.

I do love the colors and I can’t profess enough my love for the packaging with that click to open feature!

Price: $27.00
Where to Buy: | Nordstrom | Macy’s | Sephora | where ever Lancome products are sold
Rating: [rating=5]

Lancome Juicy Tubes – Raspberry Ice and Touched by Light





Raspberry Ice


Touched By Light

The Colors

  • Touched By Light – Sheer champagne with gold flecks
  • Raspberry Ice – Sheer pinky-coral with gold flecks

Lancome describes Juicy Tubes gloss as:

This ultra shiny gloss sweeps on a sheer, sexy wash of color in a variety of shades and flavors.

Yes sheer, yes variety, and holy hell yes for “flavors”. Raspberry Ice has a hardcore bubblegum “flavor” and scent to it. I can get past it because the gloss itself is lovely but beware if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing.

I did notice that Touched By Light had not only the awesome golden shimmer but some iridescent sparkle as well (which appears blue in my hand swatch) which I really like.

They aren’t sticky for me and are fairly moisturizing.

Price: $18.00
Where to Buy: | Nordstrom | Macy’s | Sephora | where ever Lancome products are sold

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Craig David


Album Art for Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight

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Open Your Eyes


I think i like the raspberry ice and blink pink the best! I’ve never seen the button release feature for a gloss… super awesome!

Reply to Amanda

Next time I see you, I’ll show you the button release. LOVE IT.

amanda jillian

Pretty colors and sparkly!

Reply to amanda jillian

Right! Especially Just Strass!

Click-to-release applicator is super neat!

… my favorite one (on you) out of these, is the blink pink!

I hope more brands do the button release for their glosses, I love it!!

kristen @ glambunctious

Love the packaging on these lip glosses! The button click feature sounds super fun! :)

Reply to kristen @ glambunctious

It’s freaking awesome! Makes it even that much quicker to apply gloss.

I haven’t checked out the new Lancome glosses yet, but I should! Blink Pink is cute! I hope there will be something that packs more pigment!

I haven’t had a chance to try out any of the other colors but I’m fairly sure the brighter / deeper colors would be more pigmented.


Sometimes I wished I liked lipglosses more, because they’re so pretty and sparkly and.. just make lips pop out. But I hate stickiness in general. I should check these out since you say they’re not all too sticky.. I might give lipglosses another go this summer :-)

Reply to Isabelle

Oh I feel you! It’s SO hard to find a gloss that doesn’t feel like wet glue the whole time you’re wearing it!

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