Yes, I needed something new, I know I got designs from a few people, I will use them somehow, but nothing really… ‘spoke’ to me if you will. So I hope everyone enjoys.

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posted on March 11th 2003 at 6:16PM CDT

I like your new layout!  It looks great & is refreshing!

posted on March 11th 2003 at 6:40PM CDT

I love the colors, they go so well together. I think I’m getting this color fetish from Jessica. ;)

And the quote(?) is rather bittersweet, but I do like it a lot.

posted on March 12th 2003 at 8:39AM CDT

Sarah, this isn’t bright and sunny but I think that isn’t how you are feeling which is why nothing bright and sunny spoke to you.  This is much more appropriate and says so much more.  I like it.  Lovely…

posted on March 12th 2003 at 9:07AM CDT

I really like the new look. Fresh.

posted on March 12th 2003 at 2:00PM CDT

I love this new layout, it’s so simple but very nice. I’m glad you’ve been able to talk to Matt.

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