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Craig David


Album Art for Love at First Sight

Kylie Minogue

Love at First Sight

Album Art for Open Your Eyes

DJ Encore

Open Your Eyes

Nice! I particularly like that big shot of the leaves in the rain. The colors are gorgeous and the whole shot really pops.

Thank you! I love how very GREEN it gets this time of year when it rains.

Those are beautiful shots. I look forward to coming back for more.

Thank you Meryl!

That is so awesome that you got a night shot of the deer! Beautiful!

Oh thank you! LOL actually it was mid-afternoon but super overcast, it was just the black and white processing I did since the colors were just awful.

Simply Delicious

These are lovely.

Strawberry Pannacota

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Beautiful. Love the shot out the window the most.

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Thank you Ashlee!

Might have titled it coming and going. Awesome that you were able to photograph the doe, She looks as though shes tippy toeing to sneak through your yard. Wonder if she had a fawn nearby.

It was so random, we are a few miles from the forest preserve so not sure why she was out so far from it.


Those first two pics took my breath. I can smell the earthy, fertile, wet spring and feel the wet rubbery leaves. Just beautiful.

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Thank you so much!

Beth F

Love the window shot in particular

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Thank you so much Beth!


That green is Gorgeous and I LOVE the deer shots :)

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Thank you!!

Gorgeous shots as always! Did you use any type of filter or effect to get that green color? It’s so vibrant!

Thank you! No filter, colors tend to be MUCH more vibrant during and directly after, it rains.


new reader here – your pictures are incredible. so looking forward to more.

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