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Yesterday was a slow day. My sister and I went to the city for the farmers market, not as good as it was last year and I forgot my camera so that sucked. Oh so very much.

Later this morning we are going to the regular local farmers market, good times.

I am talking to my Robyn right now about people that present themselves falsely.

I shouldn’t type at almost 5am.

In just a few days it will be the Autumn Equinox and what would have been my beloved Grandmother’s 78th birthday. I miss her more than I can handle sometimes.

My birthday is pretty much a month away at this point. I am trying super hard to not get depressed about it. It’s difficult though because for the past almost 8 years I’ve not had a good birthday. I guess that’s what being in an abusive relationship does for your birthday expectations.

I am cranky.

I need a hug. 

I’m going to bed.

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posted on September 17th 2006 at 5:22PM CDT

I was sent over from exposure, and your layout is delish~ :D haha I always seem to find myself awake at ridiculous hours typing as well. This morning when I woke up, I spent a half hour revising my resume O_O haha. I am really sorry that you havent been having good birthdays. I hope you are no longer dealing with that abusive relationship, because your birthday is about celebrating yourself! I hope everything works out alright <3

oh, and *hugs*