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Just as a reminder, go join and participate in OneLotus (a flickr group)!!

It’s been raining so sure enough, got a migraine last night, I actually had myself convinced it was me catching a cold until it got to the point where I couldn’t type, I was all slurry then it dawned on me… migraine! So I took my meds and all is well today for the most part.

I am pondering tonights dinner. I’m thinking italian sausage, rigatoni, tomato sauce… not sure what else to put in it lol. With a salad of course!

I still have emails to write/respond to and I got an awesome gift of tarot goodness from Melissa!

I am going to be purging members that haven’t logged in the last 30 days fairly soon so if you want to remain a member (read private entries so on and so forth) make sure to log in today or tomorrow!

I will add more later!

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posted on December 13th 2006 at 11:38PM CST

Have you gotten the christmas card I sent? I had to use three different kind of stamps because they don’t make thirteen cent stamps to complement my 39 cent stamp! Crazy.

I can’t remember what email I used or my password to log in here, so I haven’t been logged in.

posted on December 17th 2006 at 6:06AM CST

Eeep. Go get some sleep!! I hope you get better soon! Mmm, the dinner sounds nice! Yum haha. Take care!!

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