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September 3rd 2006 / 2 minutes to read

I added a bit on the sidebar my weight loss so far, just… because. I still have a ton to lose but it’s a good start! For dinner I made Rotini w/shredded chicken, grape tomatoes, fresh basil, and shredded mozzarella.

Not only did I do my normal routine of going to the farmer’s market today (baby indian corn and first apples!), but I also stopped at the library to pick up a book, Dean Kootz – The Husband, that my sister had on hold and is letting me read first, but I also cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the fridge and reorganized the fridge! I also washed/spun/stored all my fresh herbs, spinach, and lettuce. Good stuff!

Last night (seems to be falling into a nice routine!) my sister, the wee one, and myself had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes where I found a basil vingerette that wasn’t healthy but fabulous tasting so I plan on replicating it soon. Also (even though Nikki told me) squash is tasty on salads! It was very busy, I never knew that resturant could get so packed. I got fabulous inspiration though from their Asian Ginger Broth. I figure I could make a ginger/lemongrass broth, toss in shredded chicken, scallions, lime juice, whatever else sounds good at the time… maybe some noodles too… just pondering.

I am talking about food a whole lot aren’t I. I blame Michael Smith and how he looks for inspiration in cooking. It’s really made me open up to new flavors!

Well off to play in iTunes for more expanded sleepy and car playlists!

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OMGoddess! That rotini recipe sounds utterly delish. I am going to have to try it. Congrats on your weight loss too. If only losing it were as easy as it was to put it on. At least that’s what I always say!

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Congratulations on your current weight loss. I’m sure you’ll continue to do very well considering all of the wonderful food I’ve seen you cook up. I drool everytime I see a picture of what you come up with :heh:

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