Life Sucks

May 24th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Well, Matt found out his schedule, by his FRIEND CALLING us because he was all omg about it.
Evil John manager gave Matt TWO DAYS 16 HOURS this week!! HELLO, he knows Matt has a new baby son. John has been doing everything and anything to get Matt to quit and it looks like it might have to happen. No one can survive on these hours.
I just want to cry so bad, we JUST got the house we are going to be renting, we already put the security on and we have a over $500 rent due on the first, not to mention over $400 in bills, cable, phone, electric, for this apt and for start ups in the house. Paint for the house. A stove and fridge for the house….I have no idea what we are going to do. Matt said he was going to look for a job asap but what is there in this area?
I am just really upset.
From what my sister said over the phone, my dad sent me a check big enough to cover rent AND a couple bills! I am SO relieved! Matt also might be able to get this job in 2 weeks, hes talking to some guy tonight about it.

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