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February 5th 2014 / 3 minutes to read


Ohhh finally a rare life update! In list format as always.

  • My husband is out of state for all of February on a work detail. The boys have realized fairly quickly that I absolutely suck at playing Injustice (video game).
  • I went through and really purged who I followed on Twitter.
    I always worry about upsetting or offending anyone, but my Twitter was NOT fun anymore. Which in turn made me rarely tweet. So hopefully I’ll start tweeting more and find more like-minded individuals to follow. I also need to stop feeling like I HAVE to follow anyone I do any work for.
  • Along those lines, I need to do that when it comes to blogging as well. I’ve never developed a thick skin as a blogger, which considering I’ve been doing it for 13 years this March, sucks.
  • I’ve been grain-free, legume-free, very limited dairy (hard cheeses only, no more than 2oz a day), and counting calories (1400) for just shy of a month now. Hard to figure out meals for me. VERY hard.
  • I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to Imitrex a few weeks ago. Turns out people who have a sulfa allergy (MEEEE!) really shouldn’t take that medication (for migraines). Yet my doctor said most people with sulfa allergies can take it with zero issues. I am not such a person. It’s taken more than 2 weeks for most of the hives to go away (not all, just most so far).
  • I got a vegetable spiralizer! IT IS AMAZING!!!!


  • I also got a new duvet cover set from Ikea. I pretty much get a new one every time I go to Ikea… I have a lot. Still, SO PRETTY!


  • My love for Target has grown tremendously once I realized the saving power. I tweeted about this but it bears mentioning here. Target sale + Cartwheel app + Target coupon + Manufacture coupon + Red Card (debit version) is the ultimate saving combo.
  • I love the new Twitter design. I also am still fan-girling over the latest WordPress dashboard (that changed in 3.8).
  • I need some new blogs to read, would appreciate suggestions especially lifestyle / recipe / tech / geeky blogs!
  • Really into the Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones. I read a book a night generally and this series is great.
  • Trying SO HARD to sleep at night / be awake in the day. It’s… too soon to tell. I’m coming up on day 5 and last night I was up until past 1am… insomnia as always.

So let me know how you’ve been! Anything exciting going on? Any new blog posts? Let me know in the comments!

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“I love the new Twitter design. I also am still fan-girling over the latest WordPress dashboard (that changed in 3.8).”
Me too! I’ve seen a few complaints here or there about the new Twitter look but I love it :D So nice and clean. I also really like the new WP Dashboard, it too is nice ‘n’ clean.

Hope you can fix your sleep. I actually ended up blogging about my issues last night cause I was lying there wide awake. I mean, some of it had to do with me involuntarily taking a nap when I go home – literally, I just laid down to get warm after biking home in the snow and ended up passing out within 10 minutes cause I was so tired. But mostly it was just my usual OH HI! Right brain here! Would you like to get up and color? Maybe work on some writing?!? NO BRAIN I’d like to SLEEP! :P So I feel your pain, it really blows and makes your life just generally suck cause there’s just this haze of not functioning properly. Fingers crossed we can both get our shit straightened out!

Here’s to February going smoothly while your hubby is away <3 *bearhug*

Reply to Keeshia

Not only is it that flat clean design I LOVE but with the Twitter design, I love how they really extended “our” chosen design coloring. It just looks so consistent!

Ugh. I don’t get it. Fall asleep by midnight and I’m up no later than 8am. Go to sleep 1-1:30a? Up by 2pm! WTF.

At least this time around I don’t have pneumonia! I also at least know what to expect so I’ve prepared by intense grocery shopping, crafts, and lots of Skype time.


I have a lot of great web sites for whole food cooking. I don’t know how you’d like to receive them and I’m not sure if I put in the url’s if they’d link in here. As you well know I am not savvy with the computer, less so now that I’ve given up trying to keep up. Let me know and I’d be glad to share.

Reply to Barb

OHH! You can email me!!


Just going grain/bean free is tough; I hope you’ve cut rice too. Looking at food as a part of my metabolic processes and sustenance rather than a ritual where I can indulge really helped the transition. I have a salad everyday for lunch, oh well. It’s just food. Getting to that mental space is HARD.

I also have a Sulfa allergy. I don’t have migraines thankfully, but it is an important thing to know anyway.

I have Lifehacker, Wired, and Wisebread in my RSS for techy/lifestyle sites. I also like the following keto/lowcarb sites:,, and A lot of the recipes have cheese in them, but you could reduce that. If you’re eating low carb (it sounds like you are) it is imperative you eat a high amount of fat, so that’s why there tends to be a lot of cheese.

My friend described Twitter best, “it allows me to pretend like I’m friends with celebrities.” Nothing should be taken seriously there. Twitter, ’tis a silly place. (:

Reply to Audrey

Oh! Rice is a grain… so no rice for me. I’m also very low carb. Around 40-50 carbs a day (not net carbs, just carbs as a whole per day).

Sadly I haven’t lost any weight. Going to have to make another doctor’s appointment because that is practically impossible eating like this.

Oh yes! Avoid Imitrex! I’ve taken it twice. First time my face felt like it was being burned alive by a blowtorch and the doctor said that was “normal”. So when I took it the second time (thankfully I took it WITH a dose of Benadryl AND only one dose instead of the double dose the doctor told me to take…) and broke out in hives everywhere, especially my face… ugh. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

OHH those three sites you linked are new to me! Awesome!

I love all these life updates!! 13 years blogging?! Wow! That’s amazing! That vegetable slicer looks awesome, as does your pretty new duvet cover!

Thank you! It will be 13 years blogging this March and then 13 years here at OneStarryNight this November. Crazy to think about!

Amanda Jillian

I just cleaned out my Instagram feed cause I was never able to find the people I wanted to see, like you (cough follow me back lol) I’ve also been doing the same with my twitter and the blogs I follow.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I need to do that too, I follow so many people on IG that NEVER interact with me or even post photos! I just have a ridiculous guilt factor online.


I’m so sorry your husband is gone for an entire month. Ugh, that is such a long time. :( Is this typical? I hope not. And I hope the time goes quickly for you. My sprogs know I’m not good at video games, either. If they want a good co-player, they need Dad. If they need someone to laugh at, they need me, ha.

I loveeeee the lights above your bed, and that is such a pretty duvet cover! I went to IKEA only once, last year, and I was so smitten with like half the store… it was hard to walk out with only $30 worth of stuff, heh.
And mmm, I love me some Target! Sales and/or clearance + Cartwheel + coupons + 5% pharmacy rewards = some amazingggggggggg savings. Does your Target have a grocery section? If so, keep an eye out for marked down meat! One week they had ground beef on sale AND marked down by $3…I wound up buying 4 lbs of ground beef for less than $10.

Reply to Jenn

This is not typical. At all. And we were given only four days notice.

This DID happen last year around the same time and it totally traumatized Tristan. At least this time I don’t have pneumonia and I’m better prepared (grocery wise / crafts / etc) so that he isn’t so upset. It helps that he’s a year older too because it’s a huge leap from barely 3 to barely 4.

I have two Ikea’s near by. One is 45 minutes and the other is 20 minutes. I am obsessed with Ikea lol! I’m going to re-do my desk area and sure enough, it WILL be from Ikea.

All of the Target’s here have a full grocery. Some are bigger than others though. I totally get the marked down meat! ESPECIALLY seafood. Sooooo much cheaper!!


Glad you are finally feeling better after the Imotrex debacle. I still don’t get why they didn’t catch that.
At the beginning of the month, I cleaned up my blogluvin feed, my instagram( still working on that one. I do NOT want to see an infomercial for body wraps!), and now I’m cleaning up all the facebook pages I follow and then I’ll tackle twitter. Because you are right. Reading all of those blogs was not fun for me. I’ve finally decided that I’m not following people because I’m supposed to or because they followed me. If I don’t want to , I wont. The end.
Oh, and I big puffy heart Target, the cartwheel app and any sale. the end.

Reply to LaShawn

My doctor said that “most” people with a sulfa allergy can take Imitrex and they never heard of this before and that the “system” lets the prescription through, where as if it was a serious issue the system would decline it I guess.

A quick google search of “imitrex sulfa allergy” brings up thousands of hits and forums where people say NOT to take it. So not sure why my doctor’s office seemed so super shocked.

Ugh. I need to clean Facebook up too. I did it last year somewhat but not fully.

Overall with social media I just need to, like you said, follow people because I WANT TO. Not because I feel obligated to reciprocate or scared into reciprocating.

The lights over your bed are so pretty!

I love Target savings too. I do Cartwheel regularly, plus manuf. coupons, and I try to check for Target coupons when I have time.

I’ve been feeling kind of tired & funky… but I have one new (short) blog post about discovering Loki/Avengers perfume: :-)

Thank you! The lights are from Ikea.

I have a love/hate relationship with Target, I loveee them because they are AWESOME and you can stack deals but I hate them because I never spend less than $100 each time I go LOL!


I’m a new blog to read HAHA. I pretty much suck at all fighting games, but usually there’s at least one character that has the classic Subzero freeze move/Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and the Hyuduken from Street Fighter, so once I find that character, I use it all the time.

I don’t know if it’s insomnia or what, but I just function better at night than I do in the day. Even when I try going to sleep at night, I can only sleep a few hours then up and take a nap and my schedule is messed up again.

Reply to Sean

AHH! In InJustice there IS Scorpion!!!!!

Yeah, I am exactly the same way about sleep. Even if my body is exhausted my brain turns on the moment it hits 10pm. A lifelong struggle.

kristen @ glambunctious

Aw! I’m sorry about your Imitrex allergy and hives! It’s too bad the cure for one ailment causes yet another! I hope you’re back to 100% soon! I want your duvet cover (that sounds…wrong, lol) and veggie spiral machine! And good on you for unfollowing people on Twitter. I have one but almost never use it I’m kind of a one social media outlet at a time sort of gal, and for me, it’s all about Instagram! I don’t even have a FB and it’s wonderful. :) Happy Tuesday!

Reply to kristen @ glambunctious

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