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May 14th 2017 / 2 minutes to read

I tend to get overwhelmed very easily. This means I tend to freeze up when it comes to writing, which is unfortunate. Another reason I tend to disappear is that I hesitate to share my life when I know some of my family tends to “stalk” me online. I haven’t had a relationship with my siblings in well over a year now and it feels weird getting really personal knowing how much they bad mouth me to relatives. It shouldn’t matter to me, but it does.

The past few months have absolutely been rough. Cinnabon had gotten very sick and almost died, she’s recovered beautifully since then but it was terrifying. She had to stay multiple days at the emergency vet (cost us a small fortune) and it was very touch and go but now she is almost 100% again. That same weekend both of my parents went into the hospital (my mother lives in Arizona and my father lives here in Illinois). My mother was in the hospital for 18 days and was severely ill, she’s back at home and is doing much better but it was very scary. My father… whew that is absolutely a SITUATION. He is absolutely fine but my siblings wanted him put into a home and well… I will probably have to write a whole post about that alone!

I’m gearing up for my summer garden, I had to delay it because we had multiple sudden frosts and aside from planting some radishes and lettuces, didn’t want to plant too early! My peonies are doing so awesome that I think I want to buy another one. We’re also expanding the garden with a lot more boxes which is exciting because I want to really experiment more this year with what we grow.

So how are you doing? I’m just going to try to dive back into how I used to write, stop focusing so much on making sure every post has a perfect photo or is a informational only type post. Maybe that will get me back into the swing of things!

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