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I have had the most fun this past weekend! Saturday I took the wee one and went to my best bud’s (look at the photos, isn’t she freaking gorgeous?!) place where we had nummy chinese food and sadly found out the hard way that the movie Miami Vice, sucked. She taught me how to parallel park! On my driving tests in Ohio and here in Illinois, I never was tested for parallel parking so I never bothered to learn. So now I know how to park on the left hand side of the street (it’s a one way street, parking on both sides) and I feel so super proud about that now.  We also had a wee photo shoot which was SO MUCH FUN! Next time we want to attempt it in actual daylight hours so we can have natural light. We didn’t end up leaving until 4am because it was so fun!

Then today after doing a ton of laundry I went back, we had mexican food and I installed some programs and such on her computer and just chilled for a bit. Came home, did some more grocery shopping, and debating in my head what should go into my morning smoothie… I have frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, and frozen pineapple.

Ok, here are the photos, I would appreciate feedback please especially since I rarely take photos of another person lol and I threw in a photo of my sparkley pink bobby pin cause it’s pretty!

ETA I went through and removed members who haven’t logged in within the last 45 days.

Me I don’t look all that happy at like 3am now do I heh.
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posted on May 14th 2007 at 9:32AM CDT

I wish I had parallel parking skills.  I’d have no idea how to do it, as I didn’t need to learn for my driving test either.  I love the photos you took!  The first one of your friend is beyond fantastic, although they’re all quite lovely.  And the picture of yourself is gorgeous as well.  I am jealous of your lip freckles…which is something odd to envy, but I envy them none the less!

posted on May 15th 2007 at 1:04PM CDT

Great photos! The first photo of Kat is the best, you’re a great photographer.

posted on May 15th 2007 at 4:04PM CDT

It was awesome to see a picture of you. Beautiful even @ 3am

posted on May 16th 2007 at 5:50PM CDT

Yeeeees.. she is gorgeous.  Love her eyes. 

I had to parallel park for my driving test, in a van I’d never driven before, no less (I couldn’t take the test in my own car, because at the time I was still waiting for the license plate to come in).

posted on May 17th 2007 at 12:05AM CDT

Kat reminds me of Vonda Shepard. Very pretty! =)

posted on May 17th 2007 at 1:38AM CDT

Hey Sarah,

I was wondering if you could give me some insight as to how to create the effect you did in the autoportrait of yourself – that is, the pale, yet saturated at the same time. I think it’s a gorgeous effect and have been dying to do something like that to a few of my photographs for a few months now, but didn’t really have a clue how.

Kat has such AWESOME features. Wow :o

posted on May 20th 2007 at 10:48PM CDT

wow! yes…you and kat are VERY pretty.