I updated my LJ again, if you don’t have a LJ to friend me then you can email me for the entry.

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posted on May 28th 2004 at 12:06AM CST

I added you to my LJ friends (faithless_is_he).  I’ve been meaning to ask you if I happened to be one of those people who can have an LJ, but keep forgetting :ohh:

Angel Whispers
posted on May 31st 2004 at 9:06PM CST

Newer than which one?  haha On was on your friends list at one time, but don’t know if I am on the newest.

Angel Whispers
posted on May 31st 2004 at 9:08PM CST

hmmm, that would be I was on…not On was on, haha!  yikes

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