June 15th 2002 / 3 minutes to read

I feel super alone. I have not heard from most members of my family in weeks. I understand everyone has lives, but if just to call to see how Daniel is doing. It is very sad that the news of his first tooth is looked upon as something trivial to them. Although Ali called me for awhile today.
Lately, I just feel like when I try to talk to people, they really aren’t listening.
This is a scattered post. My thoughts are all jumbled.
I was very happy to see a few new members to Wisdom, now only if they are active members. I have wild dreams of it being a very active forum, 20 or more new posts/topics a day. I think a lot of it stems from my palace days, waiting for Imagine to fill up but perhaps my advertising skills in general for things web related is not all that good. I only know how to plug on tagboards *ohh mad skills indeed* I would be lost without Crystal’s help on Wisdom she really has done so much, it really is OUR board not just mine.
Tomorrow is Matt’s first father’s day. Have we gotten even a single card from anyone? Or even a simple email? If it isn’t raining, I am going to grill for him, something he has been wanting for years, since I stopped grilling at his house on the small 16 inch “grill”, or what his family considered a grill.
Supposedly Jamie was supposed to get a domain. I have not heard from her in weeks as well. I am considering asking her if she wants to be removed from OneStarryNight, with Amber I do not mind so much on everything because 1.she is one of my best friends 2.she has been sick and she at least IM/emails me every once in a while.
Sometimes I want to host younger people, but unless they are actually active with everything like the boards and hostees blog, etc, I probably shouldn’t. Maybe I should check out some 17 yr olds heh.
Daniel keeps trying to sit up, it is very sweet, I would share pictures, but I can’t find my darn transfer disk. I COULD use USB if I could find THAT installation disk heh.
I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight. We were thinking about cornbread and chili but I would have a lot of stuff to buy. I do have chicken…but no pasta or anything like that so no matter what I think Matt will have to run to the store.
He has mon-wed off, which is sorta nice since he wants to go strawberry picking which I think will be totally fun.
Yesterday, at the grocery store, when we were at the cashier, Matt and Daniel were on my left and I was waiting for her, probably in her early 20’s very dirty looking, to scan our limes, she leaned over and attempted to grab my sons feet. I grabbed his feet a split second before contact and looked her firmly in the face and said “Do not touch my son” she looked shocked, as though she was supposed to be freely allowed to touch strangers children. I wonder why a lot of people do not find it as horrid as I do about strangers touching their babies and young children.
Well, I suppose this is long enough, remember, you can comment on this and all other blog entries heh.

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