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I am getting yet another migraine so I just took my meds.

I was responding to a comment from my friend Laura about prints and the thought occured to me that maybe I could do that for Christmas (Yule) gifts? So… good or bad? Y’all know you want sassy print presents!

I am hoping the weather is semi decent this weekend because I really want to go to the Chicago Botanic Gardens or the Morton Arboretum while the leaves are still full of color.

I can’t believe it’s almost Samhain! For “Halloween” celebrations, Danny is going to be a green power ranger (of course) and most likely going to my sister’s mall since they do a large candy give away thing… and then hope against hope the close by neighboor hood does trick or treating since sadly, this apartment complex doesn’t.

So, I’m pondering, should I allow comments on the Music, Why I Love, and Snippets (under Autumn) sections? An archive perhaps?

I wonder, am I getting more automatically known as “OSN”? Am I actually getting… known? That would rock.

Share your favorite photoblogs with me!

Lastly, I shall keep harping on this. Tutorials. From css, design, photography, cooking (yes I know woman, BREAD), expression engine, a wee bit of wordpress… indulge me! I know people want to learn… stuff… from me.

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posted on October 26th 2006 at 3:48PM CDT

oo. Those pictures on the right column are beautiful! :) I hope you have a Happy Samhain! :D It’s always fun stumbling onto another pagan’s site. I love it. (hooray for xposure)

Have a nice rest of your week!

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