I don’t understand why I am at a loss at purchasing things for the baby. I know logically what I need (car seat, baby tub, newborn cloth diaper stash, clothing, blankets for swaddling, etc) yet here I sit, staring at the screen and feeling confused. I suppose part of it is that it’s been almost a decade since I was pregnant with my oldest son, or that I still have about 3 months to go (I am just now starting my 7th month), yet I have the money put aside to stock up on baby goods and unsure of WHAT to buy or WHERE to buy (would prefer online as much as possible). The only thing I have no worries about is feeding the baby (breastfeeding FTW!).

The products I need help with would be:

  • cloth diapers (with my son I didn’t start until he was a year old, used pre-folds and covers)
  • car seat (unsure of where to buy a quality one that isn’t Babies R Us or where to find safety reviews)
  • clothes (my son was a January baby, this one is late Sept/early Oct)

Aside from that it’s fairly easy as I solely breastfeed (no pacifiers, no bottles), I co-sleep, no vax, no circ, carry the baby everywhere (although this time around I want a sling or as suggested by midsummerblue a Moby wrap), etc. I just can’t see myself prancing to a Target or Walmart or god even the mall to purchase everything I need for the baby. You would think living in Des Plaines (like 30 min from Chicago) I would have more options (which I guess I do except those options are hellishly expensive!). With Danny his biological father and I bought most of his clothes from a baby resale shop, that was about it.

I am getting worked up here over nothing, logically I know this, I think it’s my form of “nesting” or something heh.

posted on July 3rd 2009 at 11:38PM CDT

As far as diapers go, I would recommend getting some wraps/covers, which would be put on after you fasten the basic prefold around the baby. They keep the prefold from soiling the clothing the baby is wearing.

I would also pick up a few pocket diapers/all-in-ones. I love those because they let you stick the prefold inside. It makes quick changes throughout the day and on the road great. And at night, the pocket diapers/all-in-ones have the added benefit of wicking away all of the moisture, so the baby won’t wind up sleeping in a wet diaper (well, he will, but he won’t feel it against his skin).

For wraps/covers, I used Litewraps. Inexpensive, basic, but quite functional and long lasting.
For the pocket diapers/all-in-ones, I swear by FuzziBunz and Happy Heiney’s. :)

Since newborns and infants pee and poop a lot, I’d recommend at least 2-3 dozen prefolds, and maybe 5-6 wraps? And at least 6-8 pockets/AIOs.

posted on July 4th 2009 at 3:26AM CDT

You can get a lot of things on Etsy, too. I’m going to be buying some nursing pads for a friend who is due any day now from there, and they’re organic and eco-friendlier than the disposable kind.

Looking around on there, I don’t really see any cloth diapers, but they do have quite a few covers, burp cloths, blankets, slings, etc. I’ve seen some really cool slings actually but I’ll have to dig up where I saw them (this is the problem with having 3 accounts on the thing).

I love Etsy, as you can find unique, often eco-friendly/organic items that are handmade and not chemically treated and things like that. Definitely recommend seeing what you can find on there!

Good luck, lovey! Let me know if there’s anything I can send over to you. :)

posted on July 4th 2009 at 3:59PM CDT

The thing is with cloth there is hardly any solution “one fits all babies”.

Personally I loved the motherease shaped nappies (it’s one size, my daughter was born at 7lb 6 oz, they started fitting when she was about 9lb) and the motherease wraps.

However, I declare that I had become a nappy nut and also had pocket nappies (which I stuffed with loads of different things, like cut down old hand towels e.g.) and loved Little Lambs bamboo nappies (UK only though I think).

The key is don’t stress, try to find a variety on ebay, try it at your leisure and then buy the ones you get on with best! You can always use some ecological disposables for a while.

As for slings: I loved my simple sling (essentially a long piece of cloth) the best. Especially, when breastfeeding and carrying a newborn around.

Good luck! I found at 7 months I stressed too… must be a normal hormonal reaction, but then again… what is normal in the world and pregnancy!


posted on July 5th 2009 at 11:09PM CDT

Jenn, my issue is more so of WHERE to purchase. I want the best price, WAHM if possible, etc. I hated the cover’s I used with my oldest, these days things have totally improved in that area lol. I think we had a few FB, we had one AIO, but mainly went the PF/Cover route. Also I have to think about needing the NB stash and THEN the “rest of the diapering time” stash which most likely will be one sized diapers.

Jess, AHHH I hunt daily on Etsy and most of what I find are cloth wipes, which heck I used washcloths for Danny I don’t need fancy wipes heh. The slings however yes in desperate need! If you could hunt some links down that would be ultra fabulous!

Melanie, I worry about sizing, my son was 1 wk early (8lbs 3oz) due to c-section (footling/transverse breech) so I expect this one to be around the same size if not bigger (vbac). I don’t want to spend a ton of money on NB diapers if he only fits them for a week or two, then again I don’t want to under buy either.

This has to be my form of nesting because I can’t clean the house so instead I panic about baby wares lol.

posted on July 6th 2009 at 1:35PM CDT

As far as slings go, I opted for a Sleepywrap this time. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I like everything I’ve read about it and the fabric is so soft.

Otherwise, when my daughter was born (late November) we kept her warm in those zip up outfits. You know the type, the footed baby bags. My, those were cute. I cannot wait to go pick up some more of those! I imagine you’d dress the baby similar seeing as how Sept and Oct can be pretty chilly upstate.