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And Miles To Go...

beautiful, simple, and elegant.

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Thank you so much!


Wow! Beautiful, love them! Excellent photos.

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Ah thank you so much Rebecca!!


I love lotus flowers <3 very lovely

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Thank you! The Chicago Botanic Garden has a large variety, they were doing work on the walkway otherwise I would have been able to get more photos.


Reminds me of a candle, lit and then in full flame. Wish you were here.

Reply to colleen

That is such a lovely description!! Thank you!

Amazing shots! Have I mentioned that I have a serious photography crush on you? lol

Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

PS Do you ever take craptastic shots? I’m thinking NOT!

LOL you are too sweet! I do take some bad shots, generally my issue is I occasionally over-expose if I just stay in aperture priority mode. I have to make SURE to shoot manual if I want perfection.

I'm a full-time mummy

Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing!
Happy Wednesday to you from Malaysia! :)

Hop on over to check out my WW at I’m a full-time mummy (Ben Listening to Song)

Btw, love love love your blog design!

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Thank you so much! One of these days I need to incorporate some of the WordPress v3.0 features though.

Maira Grove

Gorgeous Shots.

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Thank you Maira!

Beautiful photos. You have a gift. Thanks for linkin up.

Aww thank you so very much Alicia!

Oh.. I love water lily. We have a small pond – and we just get so excited when they begin to bloom.

I am so jealous you have a pond! I know my boyfriend would LOVE a pond in our yard but it is so expensive!

absolutely beautiful!! Amazing!!! Wow, I need to take lessons from you!

You are way too kind Uyen! Thank you!!

Aww I love photos like this. So moving happy WW

Thank you so very much!!

This makes me wish I had gotten a chance to see the lotus festival in LA before we moved up to SF… although I think there are some ponds in Golden Gate Park that have some…

Gorgeous! :)

OHH also see if you have a local botanic garden!

Our water lilies didn’t bloom this year. It’s always exciting when they do bloom. They’re such pretty flowers.

I think the plants themselves are so interesting too!


Very nice photos! I like them alot!

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Thank you so much Nnika!


OMG…every time I see your pictures I’m getting more tempted to get a macro lens LOL. Awesome shots as always girl!

Reply to Maureen

LOL thank you! My Sigma 105mm macro is one of my favorite lenses for sure!

An amazing series of shots, I felt like I was right there through the process. Very glad to have stopped by, via SITS.

Thank you SO MUCH!!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Oh, I love the photos as usual, and I adore the way you’ve arranged them to look like a progression of growth. It’s inspiring. Thank you!

Reply to Lauren @ Hobo Mama

AH yes!! I was all crazy showing Keith, “LOOK it’s as if you can watch it grow before your eyes!” because… I have issues like that lol.

They are lovely flowers and your photos are gorgeous!

Thank you Eileen!!


Thank you so much Mariposa!

Wow… these are awesome! I am a newbie photographer and have miles to go to produce something like this.

Stopping by from SITS to say hi.

Thank you so much! How long have you been shooting? What kind of gear do you have? So exciting!

Nice sequence — I love waterlilies.

Thank you Beth! They really are such lovely flowers, aren’t they!

I love the look and feel of your sight. And those photographs are breathtaking.

Stopping by from SITS and I’m your newest follower!

You are so nice, thank you!!


Awesome photos.

Visiting from SITS

Reply to pchanner

Thank you so very much!


Beautiful & inspiring. :)

Reply to Leonor

Aww thank you Leonor!!!


The last one, with the way the light is hitting it, did it for me. :)

Reply to liz

Thank you so much! I love LOVE afternoon light!


Beautiful…all of them!! But the last one is my favorite :)

I have a lotus tattooed on my foot ;)

Reply to Natalie

Thank you! I’ve heard that a tattoo on the foot is one of the more painful places to get inked because there is so little fat, did you find that to be the case? I wish I had money to get some more ink done, but alas… will have to wait another year or so sadly.

Nina Amelia

All of them are absolutely beautiful but i especially love how you’ve made each of them unique by how you use the light.

Reply to Nina Amelia

Thank you so very much Nina!!


Very beautiful! I especially love the 2nd and 3rd photos. Is that the sun setting in the 3rd and 4th? The lighting is amazing.

Reply to Kristie

Thank you!! Yep! Afternoon light is my favorite because it’s just so warm!


Gorgeous! I love shots of flowers.

Thanks for linking up

Reply to Carrie

Thank you Carrie!

amazing shots!!

Aww thank you so much Dee!!

Love the pictures! Stopped over from Sits. Please stop by my blog, when you get a chance. Will comeback often, better yet I will just become a follower!

Thank you Kristina!

I absolutely love the lighting in the last two. I think the nearest botanical gardens to where I live are at least an hour, hour and a half away but I really want to go!

How is the working distance with a 105mm lens? I’m eying a couple of lenses around that focal length / maybe a macro but can’t find a store that will let me put my hands on one. There’s only so much that online research can do for a person but I think I’m stuck with it.

Thank you! The gardens are about 30 min from us, but it’s a straight shot driving wise. It’s SO worth it to go even just once a month!

I love LOVE my 105mm. I use it as my all-around lens actually unless I want to do portraits, then I grab my 50mm.

Try seeing if you have a local photography store that RENT lenses!

Awesome. “Local” is nearly as close as the botanical gardens. Yay for living in Small Town, KY. By the time I rent a lens online it will be about 1/3 or even 1/2 the cost of just buying it. Sooo… time to think and look at my bank account :p


Thank you Natasha!!


Wonderful photographs.

(I’m in love with your blog.) Thanks for commenting on mine earlier!

Reply to nicóle

Thank you so much, you are so sweet!!

Jenny @ Freebie Spot

Wow! Those are absolutely stunning photographs.

Visiting from MomDot comment night :)

Reply to Jenny @ Freebie Spot

Thank you Jenny!!

Absolutely beautiful! I love this comment box by the way.

Thank you Tammy! LOL it’s hard for me to have any “typical” form elements for the most part, especially when it comes to commenting!

Those are some truly beautiful pictures and I would never be able to take pictures that great. You are truly talented.

Aww you are so kind Kathleen!

Tired Mom Tésa

Gorgeous photos! You could frame those or enter them in a contest.

Reply to Tired Mom Tésa

Thank you! I do print my photos occasionally, but I never have any frames lol.

My mother has these in her pond. They are even beautiful after the blossom expires.

I wish we had a pond! I think all types of lilies are just so graceful looking.

Great captures, I especially like the lighting on the last few.

Thank you for commenting! I just LOVE afternoon light, it’s so warm and soft.

Bobbie (OneScrappyMom)

What an adorable photo! I love the process of it growing and growing! Nice job!

Reply to Bobbie (OneScrappyMom)

Thank you Bobbie!

Very pretty! I love these shots. You did a fantatsic job.

Thank you so very much Kimberly!


I really like the design of your site. Your mom is a bee-yotch. Good for you for being where you’re at. Your doodles are cute! Keep it up.

Reply to Jimmy



Oh wow those photos are AMAZING. Beautiful job.

Reply to Brandy

Thank you so much Brandy!

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life

These are some of the most beautiful lotus pictures I have seen! Lovely!!

Reply to Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life

Thank you Cindy!!

It’s a joy to watch the blossom! Great shots : )

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