March 25th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I love my hostees, they have really been there for me through out all of this. I am so grateful that I have them.

Yeah totally random but still. 

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I think I can speak for all of us (although I’m sure they’ll speak up, too!) when we say that we love you and appreciate you so much. You’re an amazing, strong woman, and you’ve proved to be such an inspiration for me.

I’m incrediby thankful to be here at OSN, because there is honestly no other place I would want to be. This is my home. *hugs*

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we love you too sarah. you’re a great person. and a great webmistress! thank you for all that you do!

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Sarah, back at ya.  You are truly the bestest.

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iced glare

thats such a nice thing to write about your hostees

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