Lynnderella Nail Polish Collection

March 11th 2013 / 1 minute to read

I thought I’d share my Lynnderella nail polish collection with all of you!

I lucked out and got almost all of the polishes awhile ago before her big move to her eBay store (which means they were WAYYYY cheaper when I bought them).






Lynnderella’s Blog | Lynnderella’s eBay Store

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Wow what a great collection of colors. The top row is my favorite but they really are all fantastic and non-traditional! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you!


So jealous! <3

Reply to Crystal

LOL! I literally have barely any room left on my shelves and that’s AFTER giving away a ton (over 50!) polishes THIS YEAR alone! I can’t part with my glitters though, hardcore glitter love!

Amanda Jillian

I want them! Oh my Goddess such beautiful colors and the sparkles =]

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I love glitter SO VERY MUCH!

I am so not a glitter girl…but these colors look so gorgeous!

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