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MAC Temperature Rising Collection Swatches

Eyeshadow pencils. Purples. Bronzes. Um YES PLEASE! When I originally saw promo images for the MAC Temperature Rising Collection I about fell over. It’s almost like they created the collection with me in mind. Just sayin! I freaking LOVE the packaging. The bronze color, the semi-matte rubbery feel… just lovely.


Powerchrome Eye Shadow Pencils

  • Rich Glance – light golden champagne
  • Copper Strip – mid-toned copper
  • Life’s Luxury – deep bronze brown
  • Polished Jet – charcoal with pearl (in some lights this also had a dark blue-ish tone to it!)




From MAC’s website:

Creamy yet weightless, powerful metallic chrome colour in limited-edition shades. Combination of large and small particle pearls gives shimmering, multi-dimensional sparkle. Layers for intense vibrancy or blends easily for soft shine. Ophthalmologist tested

These are also long lasting and they set fairly quickly so when you work with them, do just one eye at a time so you have enough time to blend out the edges.

You do have to sharpen these so pop them in the freezer for 15 minutes so you don’t waste too much product or have it be too soft to sharpen.

Lipglasses and Lipstick

  • Soft Serenade lipglass – sparkly medium neutral pink
  • Underdressed lipglass – sparkly bronze plum
  • Rhythm lipglass – sparkly bright magenta
  • Caliente lipstick – bronze violet (a bit sheer, super sparkly)







softserenadeswatch rhythmswatch

Soft Serenade | Rhythm

underdressedswatch calienteswatch

Underdressed | Caliente

Seriously, reviewing can’t possibly be my strong point because all I want to say about these is “OMG PRETTY!!!”. We’re hardcore around here!

I was a bit wary of purchasing Caliente because the reviews I had read before the release all stated it was “gritty”. Um. No? It was actually very creamy, a bit moisturizing actually. Zero grit at all.

The lipglasses are classic MAC formula. A bit tacky/sticky with a light vanilla scent/flavor.

Bare My Soul Eyeshadow Quad

  • Romantico – light taupe bronze
  • Bare My Soul – light golden champagne
  • Friendly – dark bronze
  • When in Rio – duochrome bronzey green





Holy hell if you can find a local store that has this quad? GET IT! The shadows themselves are pigmented, smooth, soft, just a joy to use. The colors? Absolutely stunning. When in Rio is an amazing shade that can look deep green in some light, brighter green / teal in other light / dark bronze with a tint of dark green in yet other light. It’s a really great color.

Overall I’m absolutely thrilled with the collection and I really hope they come out with more colors for the Powerchrome Eyeshadow Pencils because I love them!

Price: Eye Shadow Quad – $44 | Powerchrome Eye Shadow Pencil – $21 | Lipstick – $16.50 | Lipglass – $16.50
Where to Buy: MAC stores and counters, Macy’s, Nordstroms. It is limited edition and a lot of the products are sold out online so you’ll have more of a chance of getting what you want at a local store.

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posted on May 28th 2013 at 2:14PM CDT

Wow these are great colors! Metallic but in neutral shades that I can wear everyday! I have not owned any MAC makeups at all but this was is pretty tempting!

posted on May 30th 2013 at 6:16PM CDT

Oh I absolutely love MAC’s eyeshadows in general. Great quality and pigmentation. I also feel like the Bare My Soul palette will work really well in Autumn too, not just Summer!

posted on May 29th 2013 at 5:56PM CDT

Oh wow, what a great haul! I think the eye products in this collection really excel. Bare My Soul is soooo frickking gorgeous!

posted on May 30th 2013 at 6:18PM CDT

I wore the Bare My Soul palette yesterday and LOVED IT so much.

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