New design. Joy. I’m still sick. Too tired to sleep if that makes sense. I slept until almost 6pm today since my father had taken Daniel to go see my grandmother. Then I made a trip to the mall to return the pink bra which decided to rip as well and got a store credit. Then I had to go back out in the pouring rain to Meijer to grab a few things. I need a cute umbrella, any suggestions?

Also here is a recent photo from the park.

Oh, if you have me linked, let me know! I would love to return the favor! I love linky goodness!

Click on the images to view the larger size. 

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posted on April 30th 2006 at 2:44AM CST

Oh, I LOVE the new design.  It’s so green and pretty :)

posted on April 30th 2006 at 2:17AM CST

I LOVE that song. ;)

posted on April 30th 2006 at 2:17PM CST

OK, I can’t find where to login. Am I blind? lol.

LOVE the new layout! It’s different & very nice. Such a talented woman you are!

And that picture – WOW! Brilliant.

posted on April 30th 2006 at 4:02PM CST

Ooh I really love the new layout! So gorgeous :)

I hope you’re starting to feel better soon! Sickness sucks!

posted on April 30th 2006 at 8:22PM CST

My goodness, this site and layout is beautiful! I love the simplicity and everything :)

Those pictures from the park are absolutely GORGEOUS! Wow, you are an amazing photographer. I really wish I could do something like that.

Anyway it sucks that you are sick and/or feel tired. I hate feeling that way, but too tired to sleep? No, I don’t think that has ever happened to me. I am constantly too tired to be awake :)

posted on May 1st 2006 at 2:37AM CST

love the design :) and the title of this post is cute because i just went to a friend’s wedding on saturday & her husband sang “memories of us” to her before they exchanged vows – it was ADORABLE!

posted on May 1st 2006 at 3:10AM CST

I hate when I am too tired to sleep. Your eyes are all red, you can’t close them, and you just wanan go to sleep SO BADLY…. but it just wont happen. Then an HOUR before you have to WAKE UP, that’s when you fall asleep.

The new design is cute, I like it.

posted on May 1st 2006 at 8:21AM CST

Get one of those!

I checked out your photolog, its amazing, I’d love to l/e, my portfolio/photolog is

email me if your interested :)

posted on May 1st 2006 at 8:43AM CST

CUTE!!!! by the way, i already linked you back because it’s gret to hear from you :P

posted on May 1st 2006 at 5:25PM CST

Ooh this layout is great!

And the photos are extraordinarily pretty~~~

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