Thanks everyone on my first day! It was hard but I liked it there, hopefully they liked me lol

I have 30 Gmail invitations. This is after donating 10 over to Gmail4Troops. So if you need a Gmail invite please let me know ASAP.

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posted on September 7th 2004 at 11:15PM CST

Sarah, glad you had a good first day at work!!!  I thought about you all day today!  Hang in there & it will get much easier!!!  *hugs*


posted on September 8th 2004 at 8:29AM CST

Sarah, I have no doubt, given the opertunity, you’ll shine!  I’m glad your first day went well.  Sorry I didn’t get on to wish you luck but today I’ll wish you luck for the week/month/year!

Off to work I go – wish I could say I liked it!

posted on September 8th 2004 at 1:39PM CST

i’m very proud of you sarah. i know it’s not easy starting a new job but, it seems like you’re doing a good job. i’m so, happy for you. and you have really good ideas. i think they’re going to really like your ideas.

posted on September 8th 2004 at 8:21PM CST

September 7 was my first day at my new job too…And I am feeling the same way…LOL. It’s like starting high school all over again. I’m sure u were fine and they all loved you.

posted on September 9th 2004 at 8:36AM CST

Hi, Sarah
I like to have a Gmail invite
Will you send me one?

posted on September 9th 2004 at 11:20AM CST

I’m glad you had fun on your first day. It usually takes some getting used to (the stuff that you need to do, etc), but it’ll become easy-schmeasy in no time. :cheese:

Geez, I’m pretty sure you’re used to hearing this by now and I’m sorry for sounding like a leech, but could you possibly send me a gmail invite? Thanks.

posted on September 9th 2004 at 5:40PM CST

Glad you had a good first day.  :-)

I have 5 Gmail invites to give away too and everyone I talk to seems to already have one. lol.

posted on September 10th 2004 at 12:13AM CST

I feel kinda dumb, but what is a Gmail invite? Should I ask for one?

posted on September 10th 2004 at 12:44PM CST

I have loads of Gmail invites too, I can’t seem to get rid of them because most people seem to have an account. I reckon Gmail will be going public soon.

This is weird, but I started work on the 7th too, it was training, but I was getting paid for it so it was work. :)

posted on September 10th 2004 at 9:27PM CST

I’d be happy to take an invite off your hands…I am very curious!!!!

Angel Whispers
posted on September 11th 2004 at 8:23AM CST

Congrats Sarah on starting your new job!  I’m sure they’ll love you.  Sorry I haven’t been around much but the first month of school is always extremely busy!  I’m hoping it will let up soon.

I think I would like to check out the gmail if you have an invite left and would like to send one my way.


posted on September 19th 2004 at 8:08AM CST

Congrats on starting your new job, I’d love to have a gmail invite but i hope i’m not too late?

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