Me again…

January 30th 2004 / 1 minute to read

No phone still, using my father’s computer to type this out.

I got a letter from one of my best friend’s today. She is really sick. I miss her so much. I want to move back to Tucson. I need $1500 more to move there though so yeah… thats a problem heh.

I have a decent amount of hours at work this upcoming week, and depending on the week after that, I might have enough to get my phone crap situated before the month is over!

I want to wish my Matt a very happy birthday (it was yesterday!) I know I emailed it to him and he emailed me back (3 times!) but still!!

Tiny entry but I did want to update to let everyone know I am trying to get back online ASAP and how I miss everyone and my hostees!!! I am going to go read my family circle magazine (thanks David!) and see if chubs will perk down a bit to sleep!

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Hey, Sarah! I’m checking in myself, after finally arriving in Orlando on the 26th. I can relate to you with the “roommate” and internet situation as my roommate and I don’t get along, and I only got (free AOL) internet today.

I hope all is well with you, and that you get enough money sometime in the near future to move into a place that you deserve. Take care! *hugs*

Reply to Kristin

Hi…um…I think I got an e-mail from you…no clue why. It had a bunch of characters that made no sense and there wasa a virus in it. I deleted it before I could figure out what was happening…Was it you? I know it was

Reply to Caitlin

i asked sarah’s sister about it and she said you should try to run your anti virous software.

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Come back soon :((

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