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December 6th 2004 / 1 minute to read

I have set up a few member groups. Restricted, Family, and Friends. If you would like access to more entries, personal entries, photos, etc. You must be registered and contact me to be added to the lowest level which in this case, is restricted. The more I know you, the more you comment, etc, the easier it will be to move you to the higher level groups.  Please let me know in advance when you register as I have over 20 people a day registering for Pagan at OneStarryNight.

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*raises hand and waves it wildly* Ooo Ooo Me!!

Please? :)

Reply to Sharon

hey :) I joined you know I love your site I just don’t get to comment to often cause I’m one of those weird silent types lol

Reply to Maggie

*cough* All access for me too, right? :-p

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