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Since I am now all cracked out on migraine medicine, I shall ramble on!

Some of you might have seen I am pretty much giving away all fanlistings. So yeah…

So I am listening to my billions of mp3s right now. Some of these songs make me remember past friends, online and off, old hostees, that sort of thing.

Sometimes I really miss Angel. I wish things were different with her.

So I talked to my sister yesterday, it’s still weird, her door to her room here is shut, so I keep halfway thinking she is in there sleeping or something. Great way to freak me out at night when I decide to make more peach cobbler I tell ya!

I decided to decorate my jars (old sauce and salsa jars I washed out) first with paint, naaa wipe that off, then glitter glue… no hmm wash that off. Finally I put on the flowery rub-on thingys. Those will stay put lol.

Pagan@OSN has just been thriving lately. Shocks me sometimes. Check out the Scavenger Hunt going on!

My sleeping is all messed up again. I was doing so good for a few weeks there!

I need someone to force me to drink water or at the very least give me some sort of prize cause apparently my mind doesn’t think my health is worth it go figure. Plus the caffeine withdrawl… not fun.

I have a billion emails waiting for me to respond to. Who would have thought one day of rest (not really rest but an agonizing migraine preventing me from doing much but laying on the bed, laying on the floor, and sobbing hysterically before taking any medicine until hours later…) would have stocked up the emails.

It’s so weird some of these songs… I would play them on repeat for HOURS last year. Now, I am lucky if they end up playing at all (I have my playlist set to random)

I think I am going to mail out some cards this week so if you want to exchange cards with me, let me know.

I have the urge to make layouts lately, but there isn’t anything on OSN specifically that I want to make a design for as I am pretty much content with the current designs.

Anyone want to barter with me? I make you a full design/coding and you give me something or do something for me? That would be niftylicious!

I don’t know what to do right now. I am way too cracked out to sleep. Even though my body wants to. My mind is racing. Yay for migraine being gone finally though!

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