April 26th 2001 / 1 minute to read

i feel i should talk about palace! for some odd reason people aren’t smart enough to realize when i meant i do not want to be associated with palace means with little “clans” and thier little “problems” not that i was not going onto palace…..i laugh in the face of stupidity! its pretty funny actually…..Crys and i will be on palace editing, talking, hanging out whatever…but slowly and surely….alllllllll the little “clan” feel like saying pod…people come into the “room” we are in and just sit there and watch us and we are like “Hi

how are you?” and its like “heh heh fine” back to just watching us…..what do they expect us to be doing? did they think we are plotting against them? sorry *pops their bubbles* you are not in my universe! okay back to normal stuff….i just woke up! today is hmmm thursday which means new charmed tonight! woohoo!! maybe i should make a pagan themed webset? something to ponder…..

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