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September 24th 2012 / 1 minute to read

link roundup at

I thought I’d share some of the best links I’ve come across over the past week so here ya go!




  • The most epic video ever on how to tie your shoes super fast


  • I moved the OSN RSS feed from Feedburner to Feedblitz and would love it if you re-subscribed to my new feed!
  • Added a header image to my Twitter, @onestarrynight

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Craig David


Album Art for Love at First Sight

Kylie Minogue

Love at First Sight

Album Art for Open Your Eyes

DJ Encore

Open Your Eyes

I’ve seen other people changing from feedburner to feedblitz…can I ask why you changed? I’ll definitely sign up!!

Numbers… metrics are important to me even if I don’t DO much with them as I have no aspirations to be a famous blogger LOL! However I do like to know if I’m improving traffic wise and with FeedBurner sort of jumping ship (even though people will still get the feeds, the metrics will no longer be available).

Feedblitz, so far, has a super nice interface and if you have a low amount of email subscribers (I have two… one of which is myself) then it’s only $1.50 a month which is easy to swing financially. It also has more options than just a basic RSS feed and basic email subscription. We shall see how I like it over the next few months though!

Thanks for sharing my recipe! :D



Aww thanks for sharing my fall photography tips! :)

Reply to Kristi

LOL! I did share it!


Oh, that butternut squash and carmelized onion recipe looks like my favorite thing in the universe. SO psyched that you shared a vegetarian foodie blog I haven’t heard of! Awesome.

Reply to Tracy

OHH another great one is!


Cool! The recipe of those balsamic onions sounds absolutely delicious! I just can’t wait to give it a try, thanks for the idea!

Reply to Mira

I think it would be great in sandwiches too really, maybe a steak sandwich? As well as the normal antipasto platter.


I love that food photography tips post!

Reply to Amy

Same, because my food photography blows lol!

Amanda Jillian

I saw and pinned the Paleo muffins too! They look yummy.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

They totally do look yummy!

Thanks for the shout out! I subscribe to your blog via email and I guess the switch to FeedBlitz explains why I didn’t get your last 2 posts? I am still trying to figure out what I’m going to do about the whole RSS thing. It’s always something, right?! Gah.

It’s so frustrating, it really is! You can subscribe via email here:

I do like the full features of Feedblitz though, you can REALLY control your feed, especially for those that don’t offer a full feed (I know we talked about this in a previous post of mine). I’ll have to write about it soon!

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