March 20th 2003 / 3 minutes to read

I just checked the bank account and saw this $25.00 withdrawl. So I knew it was Matt. I called and was like “what the hell did you do” and he said he had “no choice” but to take the money because the car broke down. I said you do NOT steal your ex-fiancee’s money for her young son! And tonight Ali was going to take me to Target to get Daniel some clothes and some things he needs. I am so upset. I am all crying now, how dare he do this? He cheats on me after a four year living together have a baby relationship, and now steals my money? The only reason I have that account still is because a $15.00 charge is still going through before I can close the account and get a new one. He claims he will replace the money today, and then hung up on me. He doesn’t care about his son at all. Didn’t ask how he was until I said, “Don’t you even care about your baby anymore?” Did not care his son has more teeth, or that he has been trying to stand alone, even stands alone after pulling himself up on furniture, or that he tries to walk but hasn’t figured it out yet.

I just, damn it. I am so broke as it is, but to have him steal my money? It’s not like he earned it. He hasn’t put money into the bank account in 2 months, since he quit his job.

I just… why the hell does this crap happen? I have no money as it is, I am just hanging on a thread he goes through with the child support so I can pay the phone bill the first week of April. That Daniel can get clothes that fit him… I just…. really… ugh. Matt is turning out to be a very bad father. I never thought so before, but he could care less about his kid, and here I am, daily, making an effort to send him videos and photos, but he deletes the screen names once I “find” them out. I put forth the long distance money to call every couple of days to let him know what new things his son is doing.

Why do I do this to myself? To my son? Am I the kind of person that doesn’t know how to live a normal, healthy, happy life?

I just don’t know how much more of Matt’s bullshit I can take. If he does not want to be involved in his childs life he needs to let me know, because I am not going to have my son grow up with… that… for a father.

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hey you can live a normal healthy happy life sarah! you just have some rough spots to get through. you have been getting through them and dont let the bad things drag you down. I know this all sounds corny but i mean i hate to see people like that. if matt hasnt made any effort stop making effort toward him. if he really cared he would call or something. you deserve better and dont let anyone tell you different.

Reply to sarah

Matt is not worth your time. He obviously doesn’t care about Daniel, so don’t waste your energy on trying to force him to. Forget him.
I am so sorry you have to deal with that bastard.
I’m probably not saying anything that will make you feel better, but you’re in my thoughts, babe. :: hugs ::

Reply to Jeanie

Oh my goodness Sarah {{{hugs}}} What a jerk, sorry to say it, but from what I have been reading he sounds like one. I agree with Jeanie in that he is not worth your time, life is too short and you have Daniel and yourself to think of……I wish I lived closer to ya, I would help you out. I feel so helpless just reading what you have been going through:O(Just email me anytime Sarah {{{hugs}}}

Reply to Leslie

Matt is going through his second childhood…it’s all about him, so he cares for no one but himself. This stage can last YEARS, so it’s best to just get him out of the picture for good. If you’re expecting your sweet sentiments *sending pics of your wee one, etc* will melt his heart and make him come running back, or at least ask about your son, I’m sorry to say that it’s not likely. Only when he grows up and feels the emptiness in his heart will he then try to get in touch with his son, and by that time it will be too late.

Focus on your love for Daniel, and stop trying to please Matt. He’s using all of his power to ignore his conscious and that means ignore his responsibilties and the ppl that he has hurt along the way. Focus your energy all on you and your son, and no one else. You’re the mommy AND daddy now, and it’s not an impossible task…I have faith in you…you will persereve through this situation and you will only get stronger and wiser.

Reply to Tess

Ignore the massive amounts of typos in my previous post

Reply to Tess

Tess pretty much said it best.

*hugs* I’ll try and see what I can do, it may be awhile, but I will do my best. In the meantime stay strong and true to yourself. You will get through this – just know that we’re all here for you and we love you.

Reply to Kristin

I commend you on how strong you are, Sarah! Let me know if I can send anything for Daniel. E-mail me with his size/ your address whatever! Let me know, ok? I’m here for you!!

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