More about the Accident

February 13th 2006 / 1 minute to read

Remember this entry about the work accident?

Yeah I was right. It was one of the guys that didn’t have a drivers liscense. How the hell he built up enough speed from the shop to where the accident was… he must have been going 60+ at LEAST.

So apparently my bosses told the cops and such it was stolen or the insurance would not reimburse them. From the details I am finding out, the guy ran and hid in a field for 2 hours. Crazy. My boss just called and told me when she gets in this afternoon shes going to talk about it all with me. I am also hearing rumors that he hit THREE cars total. Also one of the other guys saw him on Saturday and said he didn’t even have a scratch on him.

Most everyone is pissed. One guy said he will never pick him up for work again.

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