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Long story short I will be needing to move by the end of this month, June. I am willing to do anything, and I literally mean that to earn at least $2,000 more. It is now a very unsafe living situation for my son and for myself. So right now that will be my entire focus. Heh, I hope to not turn the main part of OSN into a donate button, but if need be I will.

I am willing to sell any layout, help with any scripting, sell any of my belongings, etc.

EDIT THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to everyone who has donated so far, I cried when I checked my email just now this really means so much to me. Maybe I should post a pic of me and chubs so you all can see who this is helping

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posted on June 16th 2003 at 10:38AM CDT

Oohh nao what happened? :( Stupid man you live with, ggrr. I really hope you get the money you need. What about selling stuff on ebay? *tries to think of more ideas*