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posted on February 14th 2003 at 8:30PM CST

Cool! I love MT. I’ll have to upgrade tomorrow. I have a question for you but I’ll either IM or email you. Glad the upgrade went ok. How’s things otherwise? I hope everything is getting better and going well.

posted on February 14th 2003 at 11:48PM CST

Just stopped in to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!! =)

posted on February 15th 2003 at 3:18PM CST

Hehe I totally messed up that trestricted thing you sent me! It’s got errors all over my page! You wouldn’t know why would you? I’ll leave it be for now till I can figure it out. Thanks so much anyway though!

posted on February 17th 2003 at 10:38AM CST

I love the layout!!!! :)  I actually squealed with delight.  *giggle*