MT and Vacation

July 8th 2002 / 1 minute to read

Well if you noticed, I added a little thingy so instead of having pop-up comments, you can just expand them on the same page! Same if I write an extended entry, which is rare for me to actually extend it heh.
We are going to visit my family in Illinois from the 10th-15th. I will check once again to make sure there is no problems with OneStarryNight but other than that…
I have not seen Crystal much lately, I hope we get a chance to talk before we leave.
Chubs now has two actual teeth. Very cute I must say.
I have been working on my BOS, I am making what I think is a slightly nifty mini collage on a piece of paper to slide in my 3ring binder cover.
Hmm, what to say…comment people heh, email me, join :wisdom, which by the way was so active tonight! Made me mucho happy indeed! Well, I am going to mess around on the ‘net until I get super duper tired and then attempt to sleep for a wee bit.

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