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well i checked our referrers thingy and emailed a few because i didn’t see a link so i don’t know why it would show up or anything….woke up late tonight but then again its just i sleep so peacefully in this kind of weather n stuff so i tend to sleep all day stay up all night…..i will probably go onto palace in a bit, see who shall provide stupid palace convo hahahahhhhaa and i will probably add more to this page justttt because i can! matts making me tacos *purrrrrrrrrr* i probably have to restart my comp as sometimes it needs it and i want to make a few more little buttons just cause! i hope something good comes on tv i hope more people get hooked up with Digital Abstraction which is a webring for bloggers, journal-ers, diary people etc etc ect. hum well i guess i shall go do ….something….

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