My Camera Magically Creates Great Photos

January 25th 2006 / 1 minute to read

I am so sick and tired of posting my photography to have people “ohh” and “ahh” over it and then kill it by “your CAMERA did a GREAT job” “what kind of CAMERA do you use” “I wish I had YOUR camera” and so on and so forth.

Oh so it was my camera that decided upon the subject matter, figured out the proper exposure, figured out the composition, set up the shot and took the photograph and then proceeded to adjust and correct the photo in photoshop? Wow I never knew my camera was so fancy.

I do feel that a better camera will result in a better photo, in that usually they have more than 3 megapixels and manual settings. Not everyone needs a DSLR just because it “seems” better.

I personally want a DSLR for more versatility and interchangable lenses, I don’t like add-on lenses so much.

Anyway, I just wish people gave more credit to the photographer than the camera.

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it’s so, obviously your mad skills that make your pictures awesome. totally the mad skills.

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