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My Gallbladder was a Bitch

I am home. I am in a lot of pain. A LOT OF PAIN. The surgeon said I need to rest at home for about a week – week and a half. I am in pain. Have I mentioned the PAIN?

I am not mentally all there yet, so yeah love everyone and thats not the morphine talking.


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posted on May 3rd 2005 at 12:55AM CDT

Glad you’re home now. :)

Get well soon.

V xx

posted on May 3rd 2005 at 1:04AM CDT

WOW, I am so glad that you are finally home. I have been worried and also missin’ ya a bit. I hope that you will have a speedy recovery and take it easy. HUGS!

posted on May 3rd 2005 at 12:30AM CDT

i’m happy you’re home! we all missed you so, much!

posted on May 3rd 2005 at 1:56PM CDT

Don t worry,Sarah,the pain will pass.Be optimist! ;)
For those who don t know me(that is everybody)i m Izabela and i m new to this forum.I ve posted before on hina forums.
That s it!
Get well,Sarah!Be strong!

posted on May 4th 2005 at 9:40AM CDT

am so glad you are home. the hospital is the worst place, ever, to be. -doesn’t want to be repetitive- just happy you are back. :))))

posted on May 5th 2005 at 1:48PM CDT

WOW!!! It’s good to hear you’re back home safe and sound ^__^ Hope you feel better soon *HUGS*

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