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I worked today, actually had to drive to a job site to bring a guy back for material. I never go to job sites. It’s messy.

So I came home and took Danny to the Cosley Zoo which was fun and most importantly… free! Then we basically just drove around for hours going northwest, took quite a few photos which I will be posting at Imagine (which I try and update daily!).

After that we went to Goebbert’s Farm to get veggies and such since it’s going to rain all night and tomorrow so I wasn’t in the mood for the farmer’s market… just went to a farm instead! Such glorious and affordable basil and fresh Illinois sweet corn!

Then we went to the grocery store and while we fought with one of those new fancy tv carts, who shows up but my sister and her fiance! So we all shopped together which was great because she clips coupons so I didn’t spend as much money. I also got a migraine because by this point it had started to rain so my sister gave me medication… the joy of twins who get migraines at least one of us is stocked up on pain relief, plus she gave me all sorts of lotions and such since I ran out.

Daniel is playing with my measuring cups, mixing bowl, and dried lavender. He’s “cooking”.

“I am so proud of him”

I am so proud of him today, he was so calm and didn’t mind me driving all over the place for hours and taking photos… although he rarely minds my little photography adventures. I actually found some nice tiny towns and a farm that sells fresh farm eggs which sadly is closed until the 28th but I might make the trip out there again because I’ve never had fresh farm eggs before. We just had a frozen pizza for dinner with some of that fresh basil snipped on top, very tasty, plus Danny has been gorging himself on watermelon.

I have no clue what to do but I am not going to sleep any time soon, I need entertainment! What I really need is a logo for OSN and a logo for Imagine, something I could put on cards and such.

ETA I have 4 Vox invites. I really need some logo goodness… *hint hint*.

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posted on July 25th 2006 at 1:10AM CDT

Aww…thats so cute (your son cooking). Thats fortunate that he was well behaved while you were driving. I hate being in a car for hours on end with whiny little kids (probably more so because they aren’t mine, lol)

posted on July 25th 2006 at 4:37AM CDT

I love your photography on Imagine a ton. My sister is looking at it cause she’s looking for some pictures to buy for her new apartment. ^^

I love zoos. Free ones are the best! I bet that was fun.

posted on July 27th 2006 at 11:29AM CDT

Sounds like a busy day! I used to live in Illinois. The farm markets are great.

posted on July 29th 2006 at 7:11PM CDT

I bet he’s going to be an awesome cook one day. Wait, he already is! :D

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