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Yeppers, new layout for OSN featuring my son at the forest preserve yesterday. Full sized images are up at Imagine.

This weekend… I didn’t really do much. I napped away Saturday after work, Sunday was the normal farmers market, laundry, walk/bike ride with Daniel, yoga before bed. I didn’t sleep very well though, kept having just the oddest dreams. Today I just plan on putting away the laundry this afternoon!

Not sure if anyone noticed, but in my about blurb to the right, I keep an updated status of my weight loss. As of yesterday, I am offically at 25lbs lost! I bought an excersize ball (under $12!) although I have no clue what to do with it.

I got my Moo cards in the mail this weekend, so cute and lovely. I have no clue what to do with them!

I will add more to this entry later!


It’s a bit annoying when you’re doing downward facing dog and your child keeps crawling under you to “relax”.

posted on October 9th 2006 at 12:17PM CDT

Love the new layout!  Love love love!!!  Thanks for stopping by my site too.  Happy Thanksgiving :)

posted on October 9th 2006 at 3:17PM CDT

The layout looks great!

posted on October 9th 2006 at 9:15PM CDT

I love this layout.
You make me jealous.

posted on October 9th 2006 at 10:21PM CDT

Exercise NOT Excersize!!! And Chubs is like the most Uber of Power Rangers.

posted on October 11th 2006 at 10:58AM CDT

LOL@ baby resting under you, thats too cute. Good job in the weightloss..dont it feel so good for that reward :)

posted on October 11th 2006 at 5:04PM CDT

What a neat layout! Your son looks so excited and like he’s having a blast! Adorable.

I have an excercise ball, too, but I never use it. Actually it is at my parents still because it’s big and so hard to store and move.

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