My Nail Polish Collection

December 29th 2011 / 3 minutes to read

I know I’ve posted my collection a few months ago but I’ve got a lot new polishes since then and I wanted more consistent photos!

The list/photos are by brand and are not in any sort of order. If you have a question on a polish, feel free to ask! Also, by ALL means if you have any polish recommendations, share!


  • pure pearlfection
  • as gold as it gets
  • shine of the times
  • jamaica me crazy
  • ballet slippers
  • super bossa nova
  • wrapped in rubies
  • sexy divide
  • strawberry sorbet
  • strawberry shortcake
  • miami nice
  • trophy wife
  • sand tropez
  • it’s genius
  • vanity fairest
  • beach bum blu
  • play date
  • merino cool
Deborah Lippmann

  • happy birthday
  • stairway to heaven
  • marquee moon
  • today was a fairytale
  • believe
  • bring on the bling
  • glitter in the air
  • the future is yours
  • boom boom pow
  • money now sleep later
  • ruby red slippers
  • across the universe

  • january
  • emmanuelle
  • diane
  • sienna
  • vanessa
  • michelle
  • chloe
  • trina
  • emilie
  • megan
  • hayden
  • leah

  • kitten
  • icicle
  • firecracker
  • disco ball
  • chandelier
  • city lights
  • confetti
  • stardust

Sally Hansen

  • black diamonds
  • spectrum
  • rockstar pink
  • red carpet
  • celeb city
  • bride to be

  • quicksilver
  • metallic mania
  • goldrush
  • rock-a-billy
  • pink-a-boo
  • jaded

  • pumpkin (jack-o-lantern)
  • Studio M – covered in diamonds
  • HardCandy – beetle
  • Nfu Oh – #51
  • Nfu Oh – #52

  • Snow Angel
  • Mercurial


  • ruby
  • lunar
  • galaxy
  • star
  • slipper
Sinful Colors

  • serena and chloe
  • tapping nails
  • pearl harbor
  • courtney orange
Nicole by OPI

  • orna-ment for each other
  • my sleigh’s in the shop
  • make a comet-ment
  • nicoles nickle
  • glitter in my stocking
  • one less lonely glitter
  • believe it, do it
  • you’re s-teal the one
  • miss independent
  • dandy lion
OPI / Sephora by OPI

  • take the stage
  • sit under the apple tree
  • sugar plum fairies gone wild
  • wardrobe change
  • charge it!


  • valerie
  • madison
  • nimue
  • gaia
  • snow white
  • aria
  • faye
  • reva
  • kissy
  • avril
  • dove
  • sarah
  • addison
  • lola
  • shivan
  • ginessa
  • jem
  • marley
  • freja
  • kotori
  • mimi
  • crystal
  • charla
  • blair
  • pru
  • gigi
  • ivanka
  • layla
  • harley
  • apple
  • isla
  • kamilah
  • kalista
  • rina
  • noel
  • tanzy
  • dannii
  • trixie
  • luna
  • nova
  • codie
  • anja
  • rica
  • midori
  • laurie
  • erika
  • ibiza
  • rihana
  • twila
  • anastasia
  • juno
  • snowsicle
  • hope
  • gilda
  • indigo
  • delilah
  • celeste
  • tangy
  • raven
  • ivy
  • salma
  • mia
  • fawne
  • neeka
  • zara

Photos – Zoya

Photos – Julep

Photos – Lynnderella

Photos – Stila

Photos – Deborah Lippmann

Photos – Essie

Photos – Nicole by OPI

Photos – Revlon

Photos – Sally Hansen

Photos – Ulta

Photos – Sephora by OPI / OPI

Photos – Sinful Colors

Photos – Nfu Oh

Photos – Misc

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Shiny! What base/top coat do you use?

Reply to Jill

For base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
Top coats: Seche Vite dry fast or Essie Good to Go


I noticed you have a lot of glitter shades. I love them :) Do you have a hard time getting the glitter off? I’m just curious because I have a very hard time with it and gave up wearing glitter polish for now. Any tips? Thanks!

BTW I just found your blog after looking up reviews for Julep Mavin. I really like it :)

Reply to Barbie

With glitter it can be tricky, you will find a lot of tutorials about the “foil method” but leaving acetone THAT LONG on your nails is killer (if you change polish as often as I do!). What I do is soak a cotton ball in acetone polish remover, press it to the nail for about 1 minute, and it comes right off.

I will freely admit that my husband will do this for me though because it’s the only time we can hide from the children and their nerf guns LOL


Your polish collection is quite impressive! Great colors. I have mostly Zoya polishes and my favorite color is their collection is Jules. I’ll have to check out some of the colors you shared. I don’t think I have any of them! Have a sparkly New Year and a marvelous 2012.

Reply to TheAL

OH yes, I love Zoya polishes because they over all have a super fantastic formula, rarely do I need more than 2 coats!

Thank you so much!!

erica @ expatria baby

Can I tell you just how envious I am of all your polish? Doing a weekly manicure used to be such a ritual for me. When I was young, I sat in front of the TV and watched Fashion Television and did my nails. Later I used to meet my girlfriends at the nail salon and have a couple hours of chat + manicure. Now I never NEVER do my nails. I never find the time. Wah!!

Reply to erica @ expatria baby

I do my nails maybe every couple of days and then if my cuticles look insane (if I forget to moisturize especially this time of year) I’ll get my nails done at my fav nail place once a month or so. I ALWAYS bring my own polish to the salon LOL.

Mary@Everyday Baby Steps

You have inspired me to make time to do my nails. My poor, poor nails. So pretty, your collection! Thanks for sharing your obsession. :)

Reply to Mary@Everyday Baby Steps

LOL thank you!!


I don’t get my nails done often these days, but when I did I really liked the brand Butter. It had yummy colors.

Reply to Ali

I go back and forth on which Butter London polishes I want, which colors do you suggest?


When I am feeling girly I like Rosie Lee. I also liked Royal Navy and Macbeth.

Reply to Ali

*picks jaw off of floor* HOLY NAIL POLISH, Batman!!! WOW, what a collection! :D

Heh there’s more I haven’t had time to photograph and list yet LOL

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