Nail Polish Collection

November 5th 2011 / 2 minutes to read

Ah be warned. Not only am I going to list all the nail polishes I have BUT I am going to show photos of them as well. The list is going to be by brand and the photos will be in no particular order so if you see a color you want the name of, let me know.


  • crystal
  • gaia
  • ginessa
  • kalista
  • noel
  • apple
  • tanzy
  • ivanka
  • midori
  • charla
  • rica
  • sarah
  • raven
  • ivy
  • faye
  • isla
  • blair
  • hope
  • reva
  • ibiza
  • anastasia
  • valerie
  • gigi
  • tangy
  • jem
  • freja
  • pru


  • jaded
  • pink-a-boo
  • metallic mania
  • rock-a-billy
  • quick silver
  • gold rush
Salley Hansen

  • red carpet
  • black diamonds
  • bride to be
  • celeb city
  • rockstar pink
  • spectrum

OPI / Sephora by OPI / Nicole by OPI

  • sugar plum fairies gone wild
  • miss independent
  • orna-ment for each other
  • glitter in my stocking
  • my sleigh’s in the shop
  • wardrobe change
  • take the stage
  • sit under the apple tree
  • dandy lion
  • you’re steal the one
  • one less lonely glitter
  • believe it, do it
  • nicole’s nickel
  • make a comet-ment

  • lunar
  • galaxy
  • star
  • ruby
  • slipper
Sinful Colors

  • serena & chloe
  • courtney orange
  • tapping nails
  • pearl harbor


  • trina
  • vanessa
  • chloe
  • diane
  • emilie
  • michelle
  • sienna
Deborah Lippman

  • across the universe
  • stairway to heaven
  • the future is yours
  • money now sleep later
  • today was a fairytale
  • bring on the bling
  • marquee moon
  • boom boom pow
  • glitter in the air
  • ruby red slippers
  • happy birthday
  • believe
Studio M

  • covered in diamonds


  • beetle

Nfu Oh

  • #51
  • #52


  • vanity fairest
  • merino cool
  • strawberry shortcake
  • strawberry sorbet
  • it’s genius
  • trophy wife
  • beach bum blu
  • jamaica me crazy
  • sexy divide
  • wrapped in rubies
  • super bossa nova
  • sand tropez
  • miami nice
  • ballet slippers


  • icicle
  • firecracker
  • stardust
  • disco ball
  • city lights
  • kitten
  • confetti
  • chandelier

Zoya Photos



Nicole by OPI / Sephora by OPI / OPI

Deborah Lippmann


Sinful Colors

Sally Hansen / Studio M / HardCandy


Nfu Oh


Not really all that much or as fancy as some of your collections but still! Shiny! Pretty! Glittery!

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I’m loving the purples right now! Especially the Nicole by OPI one, and the second one in your last Essie photo. Do you have a go-to color? Mine is sort of like that 3rd bottle of Ulta, but a little more coppery.

Reply to Jill

I don’t have a go-to but I do tend to lean towards the purples/reds a lot. I also like layering the glitters over the black Zoya polish (Raven) to make them really pop.


the deb lippman one- the last one in the last picture- looks just like rainbow connection by opi. i love it! and i really like the two green glitters by zoya! just lovely. i love wearing green.

Reply to Liz

LOL I went and found a site that did a VS between the two.

Jodi Hall

I love the Julep collection. Im all about purple nail polish i love dark purple especially. :)

I mainly use polish on my toes (cuz i have a bad habit of biting my nails lol) so i like to use a variety.. Dig your collection! :)

Reply to Jodi Hall

Oh Love love love purple!

I’m not a nail biter but my nails break VERY easily and peel so generally the more I wear polish, the stronger they tend to get.


Sarah, I’ve been reading One Starry Night for a long time. I think this may be the first time I’ve ever commented, because I’m a little shy about commenting on people’s personal blogs if they don’t know me – but you’re one of my favorite photographers, ever! I always enjoy them. And since I run a nail polish blog, I had to come out of my shell and comment. Have you ever thought about showing swatches? ^_^ I’d love to see those!

Reply to Nicole

Hi!!!! Thank you!!!

I would love to do swatches but 1. not sure how to do it PROPERLY and 2. I don’t have pretty nails / cuticles.


If you ever decide to venture that way I would be more than happy to help you with what I have learned and also point you to some great tutorials. Seriously, I don’t mind a bit! :) It’s easy to get your cuticles in good shape, and same goes for your nails.

Reply to Nicole

OH that would be AWESOME!!!


Okay… WOW! I am so impressed by this. I have to confess… I’m terrible at painting my own nails. I tend to leave my fingers natural and I indulge in pedicures when I can.

I’m in such a rut when it comes to color!!! I always go red… but I am loving your variety. My fav color in general is green and I adore the ones in your collection.

For not being a girly girl… I’m so glad you did this post. :)

Reply to Sage

It just takes practice! I always paint my right hand FIRST (as I’m right handed) which helps and clean up after with a wood stick.


Pretty! I’m a big fan of Sinful Colors and Sally Hansen too. They are my go to polishes. Unfortunately my collection has been devastated by my enterprising kidlet, but I’m building it back. What is the name for the farthest to the right orange Zoya? And the farthest to the right green Zoya? I LOVE those colors. So pretty. I have similar shades from Sinful Colors but those are just perfection.

Reply to Erin

Zoya Orange – Tanzy
Zoya Green – Apple


Droooooooooool. So much fun, glittery goodness!

Reply to Jenn

I have a few more Zoya’s coming this week, however I ordered BEFORE making this list so I have a second bottle of Ibiza coming. Trying to figure out what to do with it.


Wow your nail polish collection is EPIC compared to mine. I’m jealous! :D

Reply to Caity

LOL thank you!!!! I try to shop the sales as MUCH as possible when it comes to cosmetics, nail polishes are really good about buy one get one free promotions or getting colors off-season.


So.. many.. colors… omg lol Polish fetish? :P

Reply to Keeshia

LOL minor obsession. Tristan really likes the glitters so I’ll do a clear or the Happy Birthday glitter on a couple fingers or his big toes when he wants, he says it’s “pretty!”.


OMG! I am jealous! I love those colours! I need more nail vanish now!

Reply to Damita

Thank you! I got a few more this week so I’ll have to update this post soon lol.

Joni Rae

Jealous of all your pretty colors!

Reply to Joni Rae

LOL thank you!


I have polish envy. My collection is about 8-10 bottles. Some of them I don’t even like.

Reply to Casey

LOL! I have a lot more to add to this post actually.

WOWWWWW you have some amazing polish!! Are the 2 silver, center Zoya’s Luna & Trixie?

Good eye! I actually have a sort of updated post here: but to be honest, I have a LOTTTTT more polishes I just haven’t found the time (or energy lol!) to photograph / list them yet!

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