Nail Polish Organization

January 19th 2012 / 1 minute to read

Just a quick photo I shot on my point and shoot to show how I organize my nail polish collection since I’ve been getting asked about it a lot lately.

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I love it! You’re so organized :)

Reply to Brandi

LOL thank you! Probably the only place in the house that is THIS organized!


This is a photo I’d expect to be floating around Pinterest or Tumblr. It’s so pretty and inspires :) I wish I had an awesome makeup station like that.

Reply to Mika

I initially pinned this post on my interest and it’s been re-pinned over 40 times so far!

Thank you so much!


i super love the blog design, it’s really chic.

can you do a makeup post too1?

Reply to LouLou

Thank you! What kind of makeup post? I don’t feel particularly better than the youtube beauty guru’s LOL!

Amanda Jillian

Can you teach me how to do my nails? I get polish all over.

By the way I’ve tagged you, come join the fun

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I’m not perfect, but pretty good at doing my own nails, here’s a helpful video on youtube that helped me!

Amanda Jillian

I’m starting to love youtube videos. I’ve been learning different braiding styles there =]

Reply to Amanda Jillian

Love the new design! I love that you change the button, so I always know when you do a new layout.

And your nail polish station looks like it belongs in a salon or something! So many colors.

I’m interested in the Hunger Games colors from China Glaze, but I’m not sure when they’ll be out.

Thank you so much!

I actually do not own ANY China Glaze polishes however I am super interested in the Hunger Games collections simply because I really enjoyed the books LOL!


oh my god that collection is just… EPIC. you make me wish i still painted my nails lol

Reply to Nimil

HAHAHA thank you!

Echo S.


1.) How often do you change your polish?

2.) How do you decide which color tO use?

3.) Do you paint your toenails?

There’s almost no room for more! I used to have a dry large collection of polish, but as an adult I’ve found I don’t have time for it to dry. I have two colors :)

Reply to Echo S.


1. Every 2-3 days. Since I do a LOT of typing every day (code and such) I wear down my nail tips heavily.

2. If I can’t decide, I ask my oldest or my husband to pick a color out for me! Otherwise I just try to use my newest polishes OR depending, I go seasonal.

3. I USED to paint my toenails myself but now I’m addicted to monthly pedicures at my favorite nail place. I DO bring my OWN polishes though and ALWAYS get compliments on the colors and such (they carry OPI, China Glaze, and Essie). I generally use Zoya, A-England, and Essie for my toes.

When it comes to dry time, use a quick dry top coat like Essie’s Good to Go!


Wow, that’s incredible!

Reply to Caity

Thank you!

Jodi Hall

Looks great!!

Reply to Jodi Hall

Thanks so much!


OMG!! I just found your blog and this makes my heart sing. I have nearly 200 bottles and they are all stuffed in a box. I think I am going to try to put my collection on display. What good is 200 bottles stashed away where no one can see them.


Reply to Mimi

LOL thank you!!!! When the sun hits it just right in the morning it’s like a super sparkly rainbow of awesomeness!

Colleen R

This is absolutely amazing :D i probably have just as much polish as u if not more (but most of it isn’t good quality like urs is) i have been looking for some way to “display” them ALL but could never find and … BUT this is so perfect!!!! i was wondering where the shelves are from and if u made them, how? Thanks – Colleen <3

Reply to Colleen R

I should update this photo because the polishes themselves are TOTALLY changed LOL!

They are photo shelves from Ikea!

hey, gorgeous display! where are those shelves from? i NEED these kind! xo

From Ikea! They are photo shelves actually!

brilliant! thanks! :D


where did you find these shelves? I have looked everywhere! I absolutely love how you have organized this!

Reply to Sonya

They are photo shelves from Ikea!

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