October 29th 2001 / 2 minutes to read

I put up new graphics for our Forums sooooo I hope the people like them…..later this afternoon is my first WIC appointment…I hope the people at Ohio WIC are nicer than Tucson WIC people….I should probably go to bed soon but I am restless….well anyways I hope to slap up a new blog layout sometime soon and maybe a new section or two for sscom….if anyone has any suggestions feel free to comment! Hmmm….trying to think if there is anything else I would like to say….I am sad that the Craving Clique closed. I am getting more and more scared about labor…I mean how DOES one person go from their whole life up until this point without a child and then BAM in the space of a few PAINFUL hours have a little human being to take care of?? I am prepared to be shell shocked indeed….earlier tonight I told Amber about the wonders of CSS….okey I guess thats it for my babble since I am so out of it! Heh freaky to think this time last year I was all up into palace and what not and this year I am well pregnant and more website oreniented *spelled that SO wrong* okey off to pass out!

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