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April 18th 2014 / 3 minutes to read


I’ve been intensely ill for the past two weeks, so much so that my husband ended up taking the first week off work to take care of me. I’ve been completely unable to get out of bed. It’s been rough. The doctor says I have severe bronchitis combined with some sort of viral thing.

Right before this happened, last Monday (April 7th), I got the brilliant idea that I wanted to go blonde. My normal salon is closed on Monday so I read reviews and found a one-woman salon that seemed good. My husband called and she set up my appointment for 8:45 pm. I thought it was weirdly late but thought I was lucky she was willing to take me.

Let me just preface this by saying this turns into the Hair Drama of 2014.


She seemed really nice and I showed her my inspiration photo for the color blonde and another photo on how I wanted my bangs.

This is what I ended up with (photos taken at 2 am when I had gotten home, yes it took her 6 hours to do…this hot mess):

My bangs look much longer in the photo than they actually are. They don’t even reach my eyebrows unless I bust out my blow dryer and flatiron.

I had this weird “crown” of super dark brown hair and then the rest of it was yellow/orange.

I told her the entire time I was there that I was NOT happy, that the color was all wrong, that she completely screwed up my bangs, and all she would say in response is “well, it might take another session”. Now at this point, it’s 1:30 am and she tells me she can not do anymore for me because she has to be back at work the next morning and charges my card. The price online for all-over color / full foil highlight/hair cut was supposed to be $205. She charges me $300. No explanation for the $100 extra charge BEFORE charging my card.

At this point, I’m freaking out. I get in my car, call my husband bawling, and then drove home. He called the hairstylist back and she got extremely confrontational with him and rude, however, she agreed to re-do the color “only one more time” and we scheduled it for Wednesday. Tuesday afternoon rolls around and she contacts my husband twice, even more, confrontational than before… long story short she said she would never be able to make me happy and would give my money back. So my husband contacted my card and got the funds released to me right away.

I then called my normal salon, begged forgiveness for cheating, and for a fraction of the cost, have awesome hair again. She also trimmed my bangs so they aren’t as blunt and so that they will grow out properly.

Forgive me, I’m extremely sick in these photos (you can see the ice pack at my throat in the photo in the middle) but you can see the hair!

I figure I’ll either go even lighter for summer and then once I’m bored of that, go purple again or maybe even blue.

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So glad that you got your hair fixed and got your money back from the first woman! I was telling someone else this week that I think about getting color sometimes but I’m too afraid of having my hair messed up. :-\

I hope you’re starting to feel better. I didn’t realize just how sick you were until a few days ago when you mentioned not being able to eat. I feel lucky that my virus hasn’t been that bad. I’m still really tired and kind of congested, but at least I wasn’t bedridden for a week! (Still ready to be back to normal, though… I feel so useless when I’m sick.)

I just can’t grasp WTF she thought she was doing!

I thought I was doing better, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping… and then slept 14 hours. I just feel so freaking useless laying in bed.

kristen @ glambunctious

I’m so sorry you’ve been sick for so long AND then had this nightmare go down on top of that!! I’m glad your hubs got the CC company to get your $ back, because your hair was not right, plain and simple. I think you make for a very pretty blonde and yay on your normal salon for getting it right! I hope you’re feeling 100% better soon, darhlink!

Reply to kristen @ glambunctious

I still can’t believe how badly she screwed up. I have NOOO idea what was going through her mind.

I am SOOO thankful that my husband got my FULL $300 back and how quickly he did it! I will never ever cheat on my normal salon ever again lol!

Wow! I would be so PO’d, ohh, my pressure is up just thinking of this. You hair looks lovely now! I hope you’re feeling better hun!

I’m still sick, but thankfully not as bad as the past two weeks.

I think I might want to go even lighter blonde (especially for summer) but I want to do some deep conditioning masks first lol!

I’m so glad you got it all straightened out!

I used to want to be blonde. I had highlights for a while. Now I’m OK with my hair color.

I’m also glad you’re feeling better. :)

I’m still sick with the bronchitis but at least I can function for a little bit each day, I hate staying in bed because it makes me feel so useless.

Amanda Jillian

OMG never go to a salon that gives you a late appointment it always seems to mess up with you lol. And I agree that first job was horrid and not what you wanted. Sorry for the late comment!

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