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February 25th 2013 / 3 minutes to read


Oh yes. Built a new computer this weekend. My old box was built in mid-2008 so my husband and I talked it over and decided we both needed new computers (his is even older than mine). He’s going to build his new box this weekend when he FINALLY gets back from his 7 week work detail from out of state.

I also got a new larger HD monitor, speakers (with a sub-woofer), keyboard, and mouse. I gave my old box to Daniel (my husband set it up with dual monitors) so now he has a good gaming machine for WoW and Guild Wars.

My husband also surprised me with a brand new larger iPad 4 (64GB). My previous iPad 2 (16GB), Tristan dropped it three times in a row on the bathroom floor (naturally the only iPad in the house that didn’t have a case) and even though we will be replacing the cracked screen I needed a larger iPad anyway because the 16GB one kept running out of space. I sort of joke that it totally made up for the fact that we skipped my birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s day (remember… non-stop random illnesses for the past few months!).

On to other things…

I’m finally healing from the Winter of illness. Starting from the first week of November with the weird chest / shoulder pain (nothing serious, most likely a damaged or inflamed nerve) through December with the viral illness that landed me in the ER and then food poisoning to January when I first got the cough that turned into the viral bronchitis that has lasted all through February and granted I’m still sick but I’m around 75% improved. Enough to slowly clean the house and cook again. Lots of use of the neti pot and all sorts of bath bombs and steamers from Lush as well. Progress!

However poor Daniel has it now and has had the bronchitis so far, all month. Tristan thankfully just nursed through it and only had a cough / runny nose for about a week.

Web work stuff…
I don’t think anyone noticed but I’m taking a large step back from doing any design work. I’ll most likely still accept work from people on a case by case basis so it doesn’t hurt to contact me. I just vastly prefer repairing broken blogs or doing code these days than any graphic work.

I also miss forming personal relationships rather than working relationships. It’s hard to still be enthused about a blog I’ve had for over 11 years especially when I completely suck at being a mommy blog or review blog and my life really isn’t interesting enough for a lifestyle blog. It’s even harder when you do your damnedest to avoid any and all drama and negativity online which is impossible.

ONLINE DIARY IT IS! Bring it back to Angelfire circa 1998 folks!

And on that note… hope you’re all doing well, update me on what’s going on with you in the comments!

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Ha, I went back to my livejournal account just to get away from the blogging world and war. I have been blogging for 9 years and totally missed the boat on taking it to another level. It’s too much and while I can honestly admit I get jealous of some of the perks others get, I know that even with those perks I would not be blogging and having fun.

Glad you are on the mend and can’t wait to see what makeup goodies you will be sharing!!

AHHH LiveJournal! Brings me back! I still have my account but I haven’t used it in years.

I don’t think I know of any bloggers from BEFORE… 2007 or so? That were able to make the leap from personal blogging to today’s world of being a “brand” and all the constant reviews and such.


I’ve been totally slacking in the blogging department for a loooooong time now. I really do need to get back into it. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better! Miss reading your stuff (even if I’m horrible at leaving a comment – I’ll do better, promise!)

Reply to keeshia

Right now all I’m sick with is the congestion and the fluid in the ear issue which makes it so I can’t hear a darn thing out of my left ear.

I’m going to try and blog more, get back to blogging rather than Facebook / Twitter.


I have to say, I really enjoy your style of blogging. While I enjoy “mommy blogs” and “craft blogs” and “lifestyle blogs,” sometimes they can seem a little forced. I feel like I’m missing a huge chunk of what makes the blogger who he/she is. I don’t feel that when I read your blog, though. I’ve been reading for around three years (I don’t comment much), and I feel like I really know you. Sorry if that’s creepy :P.
Basically, I think the blogging community needs more blogs like yours – honest, multi-themed and beautiful!

Reply to Brittany

Thank you so much!!!

Glad you’re doing better! I’m tired and in a bit of a funk. I need to figure out some way to prioritize my time better.

Thank you! Oh SAME HERE, big time! I feel like since I got sick I’ve been so freaking out of sorts with everything. Hard to get back on track.

Thank you for the tissue samples by the way!

You’re welcome! I had an extra code for those and thought maybe a little surprise would cheer you up. I’m so glad you got it! I wasn’t sure if I had the right address but since it was something free I figured I’d take a chance. :-) I had ordered one for my mom earlier and I thought the tiny tissue box was really cute.

I hope you get everything sorted soon. It’s so easy to lose track of things when you’re sick.


I’m so happy you are finally feeling better!

Reply to amy

Thank you! I can’t believe how sick I’ve been. One thing after another. A total hot mess!

Amanda Jillian

Aww glad you are feeling better. I’m loving the Midwest Glam by the way. Even though I almost never wear makeup lol. I’ve renamed my blogger blog to set it apart from my business site ) yes I finally went WordPress. How’s life going on your end?

Reply to Amanda Jillian

Thank you!!! Well, today I had a migraine all day after being up for 36 hours straight. Tried to reset my sleep pattern and failed.

Amanda Jillian

Migraines were kicking my ass for over a week go to the doctor and she’s like you have a sinus infection, here’s some HUGE antibiotics and now my head doesn’t hurt.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I wish it was like that for me! Sort of jealous LOL!

Amanda Jillian

I wish I wasn’t allergic to my house.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

It’s about time you felt better! Yay! Um, those techie things in the boxes? I have no clue. You already know that, though. lol

LOL!!! Thank you! I’m loving my new box. It’s fancy. LOVING my new monitor, not only is it bigger, but it’s HD!

I think Jenn from Jenn dot nu is one of the only ones from our era who has successfully made that leap to a brand blogger. I actually stopped trying and that’s when a bunch of my PR inquiries started coming in. I still don’t get as many of most of those people for sure, but I get enough. I do like getting free stuff from time to time.

As you probably know, I just got back from Disney World and next week will be a hard week of work, work, work.

Sounds like blog drama is hard to avoid, but I haven’t experienced any of it so I feel lucky. Knock on wood that it continues that way. I have a small readership–like 10 people if that–so there’s no potential for drama really. :)


Whoooa, I totally didn’t expect to see my name here. Thanks? LOL. It’s a nice little Monday pick-me-up. :)

Reply to Jenn
Jane Cleaver

Do you notice a huge difference between the iPad 2 and the new one? I think I Am going to splurge and get one finally, but I am wondering if its worth the extra couple hundred for the newest one or if one of the older models would suffice.

Reply to Jane Cleaver

Yes, it’s MUCH faster and I love the retina display.

If you go for an iPad 2 you’re limited to the 16gb at this point (at retailers and and I originally had the 16gb and didn’t realize how much space the few apps I had would take! I now have the 64gb and if you can afford it, it’s better to get a bigger size.


Swoon! Those are some nice goodies you’ve got there. I hope you’re enjoying them. And more importantly, I hope you’re feeling better. :) I know all too well how little joy you can get out of exciting gadgets and trinkets when you feel like absolute crap.

Reply to Jenn

Ahh not so much on the feeling better front. My new computer however is AWESOME. My framerates are over 100 now (previously it stayed around 60).

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