New Home?

April 30th 2002 / 1 minute to read

Matt went apartment hunting today, we may get one * I will post pics later have to love digital cameras!* its kinda like a townhome ALL utilities paid! Also, I guess the guy is like a neatfreak and noise freak which is perfect since well although I am young, I can not stand loud noise unless I am outside. I guess I associate home=quiet time for the most part. Also, considering being from Matt’s evil house and this current building, it will be a nice change to live in a CLEAN place! So, we find out like 430p tomorrow if we get it or not. It’s only like 15 min away from here, 2 min from the mall. I guess it also has CENTRAL air! Oh how I miss that hehe.
I am slowly implementing the restrict post script via ScriptyGoddess, so you may notice blog weirdness the next few days, depending on your skin choice.
Well I suppose that is it for now, remember to stop by and join Wisdom! Also, check out Acquire!

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