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Uhhh yeah the other layout was up what 2 maybe three days heh.

I hope everyone likes. The pictures are from an image I took late yesterday evening on my walk with my son.

posted on August 10th 2004 at 9:23AM CDT

Ooooh, very pretty. I happen to like this design better than the last. The frames and scrolly things were driving me nutty. :-)

posted on August 10th 2004 at 4:24PM CDT

Very inspirational and soothing layout. Lovely. Great work Sarah.

posted on August 10th 2004 at 9:35PM CDT

Very nice!  I love it!

posted on August 11th 2004 at 11:02AM CDT

Love the layout Sarah.  Sorry to hear about your position, seems to be happening all over.  Matt too was given notice that he will not have a job which officially means Ryan is the only one working and that’s all of 51/2 hours a day. Not much, eh.  But we’re looking and will do just fine because we can’t NOT.  Hang in there, you’ll be fine.