New Sunny Design

August 10th 2004 / 1 minute to read

Uhhh yeah the other layout was up what 2 maybe three days heh.

I hope everyone likes. The pictures are from an image I took late yesterday evening on my walk with my son.

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Ooooh, very pretty. I happen to like this design better than the last. The frames and scrolly things were driving me nutty. :-)

Reply to Lani

Very inspirational and soothing layout. Lovely. Great work Sarah.

Reply to Ty

Very nice!  I love it!

Reply to dani

Love the layout Sarah.  Sorry to hear about your position, seems to be happening all over.  Matt too was given notice that he will not have a job which officially means Ryan is the only one working and that’s all of 51/2 hours a day. Not much, eh.  But we’re looking and will do just fine because we can’t NOT.  Hang in there, you’ll be fine.

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