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posted on April 22nd 2003 at 3:23PM CDT

I love the new design!  It looks wonderful.

posted on April 22nd 2003 at 7:12PM CDT

I’m afraid it doesn’t display well on Safari at all. And when I open it with IE, I can’t scroll, so I can just see what’s in front of me.

But since I did see the preview last night, I know how it’s supposed to look and I still love it! Perdy. :-)

posted on April 22nd 2003 at 7:39PM CDT

LOVE the new look Sarah!!

posted on April 23rd 2003 at 8:11AM CDT

Ooh, Sarah, it looks better now! I can’t scroll, but I can see the layout as it should look in Safari. Yay. :-) *huggles*

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