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i talked to sarah’s sister ali a little while ago and our sarah is having surgery right now. ali is nervous as you can imagine. sarah got to see her sweet son for a little while before she went in for surgery. she also, wanted me to tell you guys that she hasn’t eaten any food since wednesday night at about 5pm. and that they’ve now taken 19 viles of her blood. poor sarah keeps seeing commercials for food on tv. ali is going to call me when she hears how the surgery went or as soon as sarah comes out of surgery. the doctors are going to try to take her gallbladder out through lapriscopic surgery. but, they’re going in with the camera first to see if her gallbladder is inflamed. if her gallbladder is inflamed then they have to actually open her up and take it out that way. if they do it that way she’s going to have to be in the hospital for 5 days. so, everyone let’s all hope everything goes well. we love you sarah! i’ll update again when i talk to ali again.