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Yeppers new layout. You can go to the swing

<-- to navigate around.

I also answered some

questions and updated all fanlistings, and Wisdom is totally updated new look and a lot of new forums.

I also emailed all hostees so make sure to check your OSN email and respond.

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Spring Equinox

A blessed Ostara / Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring to you!

Small OSN Refreshes

Changed the following to OSN:

Another Good Show

Wow, ABC is on a roll with the new shows lately! I really enjoyed The Company You Keep.

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posted on August 2nd 2003 at 1:22PM CDT

Ohhhh night skies, my absolute favorite!
You know I love it!

Angel Whispers
posted on August 2nd 2003 at 12:03PM CDT

Love this new layout, Sarah!  Goes very well with the name of the site.  :o)

posted on August 2nd 2003 at 3:54PM CDT

Your layout is very different from others I’ve seen. Good job.

posted on August 2nd 2003 at 3:57PM CDT

I like the layout, it really reflects the domain name!

posted on August 2nd 2003 at 7:04PM CDT

oh wow! i love the layout *rides on the swing*

posted on August 2nd 2003 at 10:18PM CDT

great new layout!!

posted on August 3rd 2003 at 1:01AM CDT

wow. interesting layout=)  I’ll say this layout is something I don’t see around very much but I do like it =)

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