The past week (almost two weeks at this point) has not been the best, both my 7yr old son and I have severe bronchitis, I had a surprise visit from my father (who I’ve not seen since March, he lives 15min away, have to wonder if he showed up due to my previous entry) who was spouting a lot of “well your sister said….” false information about my health, that I had extremely high blood pressure and had stopped vomiting… I have perfectly normal blood pressure and sadly, the hyperemesis is still with me like white on rice. Plus a lot of other crap was told to me. I had my mother tell me to rip up a $40 mother’s day gift check to me (that she told me to not cash until June 3rd). Money I planned on using to take my son to the zoo with since he missed out on his field trip at school due to the bronchitis. Granted I am really stressed about it all.

I am tired of family members attacking me for what I write here.

I am trying to redirect my thoughts towards the baby and just trying to look forward to the summer.

As for baby stuff, with Daniel, I never had a sling, I simply carried him everywhere. I would love any recommendations for slings/types of slings/where to purchase/etc. Same for cloth diapers. Daniel was CD starting around 12 months of age and it was mostly pre-folds and covers. I am looking at these sites (Good Mama,Green Mountain Diapers for pre-folds, Firefly Diapers,Cheeky Diapers for covers, BumGenius) for my future purchases, any reviews/recommendations again would be appreciated.

Oh and any natural/wood child online stores would be great, it drives me nuts how many toys my son has, toys that he never plays with either as he is more interested in video games/computers/playing outside. I would love to paint a portion of his wall with blackboard chalk paint, then he could go buck wild with his creativity.

I am at a loss for baby names right now. I am pondering the following: Julian, Sky, Ash, Cole. I never realized how hard it was to come up with a name. With my oldest I knew years before he was even conceived that he would be a Daniel. This one on the other hand, has been such a surprise that I feel sort of stuck on what to do. I’ve been feeling a lot more movement lately, it’s weird, with my oldest I felt him early on and it was very strong movements, with this baby I have an anterior placenta so not only are the movements softer but not as frequent. Drives me insane.

Anyway, I am hoping we are all recovered by the weekend (and have decent weather!) so we can go to the farmer’s market finally. Even just going to the park again would be nice. I know we are all fed up with being stuck in the house. I am no good with inside rainy day/sick day activities.

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posted on May 28th 2009 at 12:16PM CDT

Again with more gorgeous photography. Sarah you are truly blessed and talented. Bronchitis is terrible I’m sorry about your son missing his trip to the zoo, hopefully you’ll run into another $40 to take him. :)

I think Ash is a great name! You’ll find one! There are tons of sites online with names.

Have a blast at the farmers market, one of my favorite places.!

posted on May 28th 2009 at 7:24PM CDT

Aww thank you!! I hope to have a chance to get out of the house this weekend, my son is finally almost over his bronchitis and I feel that I’m not far behind.

I have yet to bring up any names with this baby’s father, the names he’s suggested either remind me of past co-workers or are just too “old-fashioned” for my tastes.

I have a tendency to just eat better when I shop from a farmers market, and I rarely let the produce go to waste. If the weather is nice I hope to also grill this weekend.

posted on May 30th 2009 at 1:27PM CDT

Julian is so far the only male name we have for baby if its a boy. For a girl the name is set. We discussed the name for a girl almost 4 years before my due date, the first time we ‘did it’ :P we aren’t sharing it with people yet, though. I hope its a girl, pregnancy sucks the big one and I don’t want to do this again. But ill love a little Julian, too, and make him name his first daughter what I wanted mine named :)

I still feel no movement. I’m halfway through and all I ever feel is a pressure like its pressing on me with its feet and bracing itself with its head, if that makes sense? And in the last u/s that is what it was doing- and thrusting its pelvis over and over.

I feel sad not to get any kicks :( there’s been no comments about my placenta so no explanation of why my active baby can’t be felt.

I haven’t had a public blog in years- at then end there psycho people were calling me at 4 am to ask me what the hell I meant about them in my latest blog post. I don’t get it- if its on the blog, their responses and questions should go on the blog. Keep it cyber, people! I want to start a new one soon, but family and friends probably won’t be told about it :P

posted on May 31st 2009 at 1:10PM CDT

I’m sorry to hear about you and your son having bronchitis. That’s a crappy illness to have, especially in the spring, when colds and such seem to be so much worse. :( And I’m very sorry that your family seems to be anything but supportive. *sigh* How involved are they with your life? It seems like your dad doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, and your mom should be there for you a little more…

Shopping for baby stuff is always quite exciting. :) I used a hotsling for Ryan. They’re very plus-size friendly, if you get my drift. ;) It was comfy, and since it was just a one-piece with no ties or rings, it was quite easy to put on and wear, and adjust Ryan in it for sleeping, cuddling, breastfeeding, whatever. It was great when I wanted to go out shopping but still keep Ryan close to me, or cook, or do stuff around the house. Here’s are a few photos of me wearing it, so you can see it “in action”:

Cloth diaper wise, I bought a lot of Fuzzibunz and Happy Heiny’s pocket diapers from Green Mountain Diapers, and a few from as well. I have a huge stock of DSQ prefolds, but I got those from a cloth diaper service company that is local. I love the pocket diapers because they’re just like regular diapers, and especially because they wick away the moisture, which is “stored” on the prefold, so Ryan never felt the wetness against his skin. For covers, I like the Litewraps. They’re basic, but they function, and function quite well! I also found them to be the longest lasting.

Out of your list of baby names, I like Julian the best. It’s a name I was considering for Ryan, actually. :) And yes, names are damn hard to come up with! Alyssa we figured out by 26ish weeks. Ryan? Heh, we came up with his less than a week before he was born.

Also, that rose is gorgeous. Do you mind if I ask what lens you used to take that photo? I’m thinking about adding to my collection of lenses. I know I want a wide angle, but after seeing some of your up-close shots, I think I want a macro lens first! (Instead of having the macro lens filter/attachment that I screw onto the end of a regular lens)

posted on June 1st 2009 at 5:15AM CDT

@ P.A, with my oldest I felt very distinct movements early on, with this one it’s only been recently and even then the movements feel dulled. I would ask your midwife/OB at your next visit if your placenta is anterior, it’s so common they wouldn’t mention it unless asked generally.

OMG I completely agree with you, I can not even begin to describe the phone calls I receive complaining about what I write. I typically get “punished” if I don’t “correct” what I write or omit information. I am at the end of my rope with it really.

@ Jenn, ugh it’s the second time this year that I’ve had bronchitis, and now BD#2 has the flu. It doesn’t seem to end!

As for family, my father makes an appearance every few months via in person or email, my brother it’s rare that I hear or see from him even though he lives like 10 min away. My mother can be toxic, lives 4 hrs away and the relationship is conditional, her terms & her way, if that makes sense? My twin sister lives about 30 min away and we only get along occasionally, we are VERY different people and she tends to punish those who don’t agree with her, other times she can be normal, but it comes with strings attached.

BD#2’s mother is not involved at all, lives a few states away and hasn’t seen him in 8 years. She is aware of the pregnancy but doesn’t seem to care much.

Oh gosh I LOVE this sling from the site you recommended. I will have to get one for sure. I need to have my hands free more often with having the active 7yr old boy I bet!

Did you CD Ryan as a newborn? From what I’ve been reading, most people do the pre-folds and covers for the NB stage but I also want my oldest and BD#2 to have ease of use with pockets/fitteds/aio’s.

Lol it seems like Julian is popular! I was thinking having a more “regular” name and have the middle name be my “nature” name. Julian Skye for example?

I used my sigma 105mm macro lens. It was $400 or $500 when I bought it a few years ago. I need to branch out, I rarely take the macro lens off and I think it’s getting me stuck creative wise… also I want to do more people photography and would prefer adults but alas getting pregnant depleted my friend pool.

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