November 17th 2004 / 1 minute to read

Matt made chili in the crock pot for dinner, it is much better than my own actually!

I finished knitting the bag part of MJ’s bag, just doing the strap then felt it! Then I need to get started on my Ginakins scarf! Her birthday is coming up so I need to get it done ASAP!

Today at work a solicitator came in even though we have huge signs saying that is a no-no, anyways, he comes in and tries to sell me a nightlight…. yeah… so I basically say “ok bye now” and he says “you have my compliments” so I just nodded because ummm huh? Then as he is leaving goes “by the way are you married?” I said uhh no… he then winked at me and said “well we might have to do something about that” then left. Ummm yeah.

I will have to make yet another knitting post soon lol. I hope that doesn’t bother anyone! I like to think I am making more people get a new or in some cases, a renewed interest in the fiber arts!

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