Nurture Photography Fall Challenge – Red/Foliage

October 29th 2012 / 1 minute to read

As you can see OSN has a brand new design! I coded it to focus more on the usability and photographs. The design is coded to be “responsive” which means it should adapt to any screen size like on mobile phones or tablets. Let me know what you think (and if you come across any errors).

Now to the photos!

nurture fall photography challenge

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Album Art for Gimme More

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Gimme More

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One Step Closer

ooOOOoo Love the new comment box too! Hahaha. Everything looks fantastic. I just checked in on my blackberry and it looks fantastic there too!
And your wallpaper looks like snow softly falling which is making me want snow, LOL! Since most of the leaves have fallen here, or will fall once Hurricane Sandy’s tail end blows through, I might as well get excited for the snow to fall, lol!
And as for the photos, they’re gorgeous. I love the last one- I love the “ombre” effect when the outer leaves are brighter/darker in colour than the inner leaves. And the way you’ve framed it: so lovely!

Thank you so much! I really REALLY wanted to break out of my “OSN Design BOX” if you will lol! Also, thrilled that it’s now tested on a Blackberry!

It’s sad, it already looks (and feels like!) like late November here because the majority of the trees are bare already. Always feels like the other seasons remain far longer and Autumn a mere three weeks if lucky.


Gorgeous! Found a few things on my phone. Will send pics soon.

Reply to Crystal

Thank you! I appreciate that. I still need to work more on the “responsive” side of things. Right now I just have it set to anything under 480px wide to be responsive.


Aah, it’s fantastic on my computer. *grins* Also, I ADORE photo 8772.

Reply to Crystal

Thank you! That’s one of my absolute favorites actually!


Love it here! amazing. Gorgeous! You’re a genius! BRAVO! Also the photos are ridiculous. Perfect. The first one made me gasp. You’re amazing. I’m borderline sycophantic but whatever. Youre awesome!

Reply to Veronica

Thank you so much!

Lovely!!! I love how clean the site looks – you are so talented!!! Someday, when I get my act together, I’d love to hire you to help with my site!! Hopefully after the holidays – I already have it on my “New Year’s Resolutions” list :)

Oh and stunning photos too!!

Aww thank you!!!


Great pictures! I really like the ones with the leaves stuck in the fence.

Reply to Katherine

Thank you! I love them, something about leaves in fences… I have photos (digital) going back to early 2002 and 2003 from the same forest preserve and fence lol!

Wow it’s amazing! It looks much better live! I should probably think about doing something similar, but I don’t have it in me lol. Great job though!

Loving the photos too! That 4th one has a nice ‘Once Upon a Time’ vibe to it. :)

LOL!!! My texted videos and photos just didn’t do it justice huh!

Nicole P.

The site looks AMAZING! You are a blog design wizard!

I love photos 9, 10 and 12! Breathtaking.

Reply to Nicole P.


Amanda Jillian

I love it, LOVE it. It’s so clean and simple. I might just have to mess around with mine again.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

Thank you! I need to check but I think the loading time (even with all of the photos) is a bit faster too with this design.

Amanda Jillian

I think it is, but I didn’t really have a problem with your last one either.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

This is my first visit here! Your blog is adorable!! The image with the gold leaf sticking out of the fence…major ♥

Thank you so much Laurie! I really appreciate that!

I forgot to tell you that I am your newest Follower♥

i am in love with the leaves in the fence!!! every photo is gorgeous though … you captured fall beautifully!

ps – your site looks great!

Thank you so much Tish!

I absolutely loooooove these pics! Absolutely loooove!

Yay! Thank you!

Shut. Up. Just shut up. These are so freaking amazing, Sarah. I can’t take it. Why aren’t you posting photos to your blog every single day?!? lol Love all of these.

P.S. Sorry for not stopping by sooner. I’m a little behind on blog visits. :(

Oh and I love the new design! :) I’ve been thinking about making some tweaks. I’ll get with you again at some point.

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