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Craig David


Album Art for Love at First Sight

Kylie Minogue

Love at First Sight

Album Art for Open Your Eyes

DJ Encore

Open Your Eyes

So pretty and autumny! I haven’t gotten outside to take many photos yet. I really do need to make the time. I swear it feels like I go through this every year.

Thank you! For me it just goes by too fast, by mid-October it seems more like November because the trees get bare so fast.

Beautiful! The leaves haven’t quite gotten to that beautiful stage around here yet! Can’t wait to be able to take pretty fall photos. =)

Thank you so much!!

Amanda Jillian

Gorgeous, really I get so jealous of your photos.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

Aww thank you! I wish I was better at people photography lol maybe one of these days I’ll actually take photos of people.

Amanda Jillian

I’ll teach you all I know about people photography if you teach me your nature ways lol

Reply to Amanda Jillian

Such gorgeously vibrant colours – love the comp of the lone leaf caught in the fence.

Thank you!


Oh. My. These are such beeeeautiful photos! I wish autumn looked like that here in Mexico!!!

Reply to Claudia

Thank you! Oh trust me I understand, I’m from Tucson Arizona and you had to go to the mountains for any sort of season change.

LOVE them! Especially the 12th one, where the branch makes a V! I love the framing. And the wasps nest! They’re so great!

Yay thank you! The wasps nest was a true find (thankfully it seemed empty since Tristan was with me!)!


LOVE all the pictures you took, you nailed the theme thats forsure. Beautiful!! Specially like the bee hive :) L O V E L Y
visiting you from the Orange/Warmth [Nurture Photography]challenge

Reply to Kelly

Aww thank you!

I’m havin a hard time with all these gorgeous fall leaves around here… I would like to capture the beauty but I don’t quite seem to succeed. You ♥ did. Your photos are pure perfectness!

Thank you so much! That’s so sweet!

Such beautiful autumnal colours the trees almost look like they are on fire. Great work.


YES! I think the trees really stood out this year, I’m hoping the storms this week don’t completely get rid of the leaves so I can get some more photo time in.

You did a great job capturing the yellow beauty of fall! Neat leaf pictures, my favorite is the one with the vibrant blue sky behind it.

Thank you so much! I also really like how the sky worked with some of the coloring, we had some gorgeous weather lately.

Sarah, these are absolutely beautiful! You managed to capture such a wonderful glow. Perfect fall pictures!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Beautiful as usual Sarah! Love all of these, you’re so talented :)

Thanks for taking part in the Nurture Photography Challenge!

Thank you, I appreciate that so much

Nicole P.

These are beautiful! Just amazing. My favorites especially are numbers 7 and 10. Just lovely.

Reply to Nicole P.

Sweet! Thank you!

Amanda Jillian

Hey you made MY Top Bloggers list, go check it out

It’s just something that I’ve come up with. I’m tired of all those top blogger lists not having MY top bloggers.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

I can’t pick a favorite. You did an excellent job capturing the essence of the season. Spectacular. I use very big words when I’ve been drinking apparently.

Reply to Veronica

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